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Life in MRT - Barney girl

Mommy ni Inday :P

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Unit versus Acceptance Test

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Gloomy week for us

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D Secret of Lance Armstrong

Rain + bow = Amazing!

Experience McDonald's EL Pueblo :)


MyDreams: OMG the house is burning!!!

MyDreams: Giving birth to a child < worried :-S >

3 Dads with 1 Mom

Life in MRT - interesting bag tagline

Life in MRT - conio girls

Excuse me... :D

Obama on White House ...

"out-of-this-world" recipes

"National Humiliation Day" for China ?

How can I keep from singing - my new favorite song...

Hats off to Willy Wang - Filipino who won gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Wushu

Record Jmeter scripts through Badboy software

Your money is in good hands with ?@%^&**?

Keep the bell ringing...

TestComplete Demo

08.08.08 post

Isip-Bata: Tsinelas

@ the crossroad...

Seriously speaking...

shake it on ...

Basic Mandarin - Lesson 2

Marie Digby ............... Unfold this girl :D

No care day ......... :|

My bucket list, before I kick it out :D

My Grown-up Christmas List

wu chun[proper noun] - HOT

John Q - you're the man!

-1 for Mr Brooks

Basic Mandarin 101

still standing...

Becoming Jane ... i just love it

Father - imprison and raped her daughter for 24 years :(

Magpakatotoo ka, sister!

Kid's Camp 2008 .. AHA!

Where are you going?

Angel singin...

BC like a B

Single and Gay

Funny UST scandal virus hits me… :(

HaPpy tRiP !

Fly Light ...

Ironically Funny...

Bata, bata paano ka ginawa?