Will Philippines be part of the Asian century?

If the 19th century belongs to Britain, and the 20th century make wave for Americans... who will be making noise in this 21st century... the answer is obvious - it belongs to us, Asians...

With the consecutive bankruptcy filing by Lehman's Brothers and American International Group (AIG)... the wave is really turning from the West to the East... and more Asian countries are dominating the planet...
China - the dragon has awaken and back on its feet;
India - incredibly growing;
Japan - rising with the sun; and
Singapore - uniquely small but terrible.

Yes you heard it right, but the big question is will Philippines be part of this wave of change? Well the answer greatly depends on us... simple things like
- how each Filipino student does his homework
- how each Filipino professional improve their skills and excel
- how each Filipino family nurture and support each family members
- how each Filipino citizen respects the traffic and street rules
- how each Filipino show love for the country and to our God

In short, how Filipinos are willing to sacrifice for the country... And how do we prepare for it? not tomorrow or next year or next presidential election... but preparation starts now... Today is the best time to be the best and be part of the Asian Century... :D

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