Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bohol: Loboc River Cruise

We took our super late lunch at around 3:00pm in Loboc, we are thankful our guide was able to arrange with the floating restaurants to accommodate us even if we are already late, in fact we are the only guest taking the buffet onboard :D

Definitely a must-experience when you visit Bohol. For P300/person including the sumptuous Filipino cuisine buffet, cruise along the pristine water of Loboc river and a unique musical experience to be serenated by a group of native Boholanos mostly children who sing and dance with the rondalla band.

Bohol: Bohol Bee Farm

Farm... restaurant... resort... hotel... souvenir shop... cafe...

Our Bohol Bee Farm experience starts with a guided tour where our guide course us to their organic farm and made a short talk on culturing bees. We had a chance of seeing actual bees and their honey combs which gives me goosebumps :) We also got to meet Verme the worm :D

They also feature livelihood activities like basket weaving, crafts and raffia making where a lady taught us how to maneuver the wooden sewing machine to be able to make textiles out of raffia.

After the tour there are restaurants that can pamper your cravings. We opted to indulge ourselves with their healthy Malunggay ice cream in rice cone :)

Ooopps don't forget to buy cool items from their souvenir shop :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Story of the Pencil

One of the 100+ short stories written by Paulo Coelho  in his book Like the Flowing River which genuinely delighted me. I'm impressed of the story's simplicity, depth and brevity. It's simplicity allows readers to recall the story easily and relate to it.
A story that is worth reading and fun to share with kids and all kids at heart :)
The Story of the Pencil 
A boy was watching his grandmother write a letter. At one point he asked: ‘Are you writing a story about what we’ve done? Is it a story about me?’
His grandmother stopped writing her letter and said to her grandson: 'I am writing about you, actually, but more important than the words is the pencil I’m using. I hope you will be like this pencil when you grow up.’
Intrigued, the boy looked at the pencil. It didn’t seem very special. ‘But it’s just like any other pencil I’ve ever seen!’
‘That depends on how you look at things. It has five qualities which, if you manage to hang on them, will make you a person who is always at peace with the world.’

First quality: you are capable of great things, but you must never forget that there is a hand guiding your steps. We call that hand God, and He always guides us according to His will.’

Second quality: now and then, I have to stop writing and use a sharpener. That makes the pencil suffer a little, but afterwards, he’s much sharper. So you, too, must learn to bear certain pains and sorrows, because they will make you a better person.
Third quality: the pencil always allows us to use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. This means that correcting something we did is not necessarily a bad thing; it helps to keep us on the road to justice.’
Fourth quality: what really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So always pay attention to what is happening inside you.’
‘Finally, the pencil’s fifth quality: it always leaves a mark. in just the same way, you should know that everything you do in life will leave a mark, so try to be conscious of that in your every action’

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bohol: 4Days, 3Nights Itinerary and Expenses

Bohol is a place worth returning :)  Here's my 2nd time to explore this place, an island of heritage, diverse people, scenic places, good food.

Although we missed our morning flights in PAL which was supposed to be 8:50AM (there's always a first time :D) we arranged to get into the second flight in the afternoon, 2:30PM and reached safely in Tagbilaran and spend the rest of the day laughing about our experience :))

Day/Time Place/Activity Details Expenses / pax

Day 1 Thursday, September 8, 2011

Travel to NAIA Terminal 3 Taxi fare 225.00
02:30:00 PM ETD Manila Terminal fee 200.00
03:45:00 AM ETA Tagbilaran Promofare (Mla-Tag-Mla) 1592.00

Check-in Baclayon Bed and Breakfast 3 nights / 4 days (2400/day – 4 pax) 1800.00

Free time

Dinner Total Food expense – 4 days 191.25


Day 2 Friday, September 9, 2011

07:00:00 AM Rise and Shine

08:00:00 AM Breakfast

09:00:00 AM Country Side Tour Van rental 3000, Tip 300 550.00

Man-Made Forest of Bilar

Chocolate Hills in Carmen Entrance 50/pax 50.00

Butterfly Sanctuary of Bilar Entrance 30/pax 30.00

Tarsier Encounter Donation 20.00

Hanging Bridge of Sevilla

Python Sanctuary Entrance 20/pax 20.00

ShipHaws Entrance 20/pax 20.00

Lunch @Loboc River Cruise Eat all you can 300/pax 300.00

Baclayon Church and Museum

Blood Compact Site



Day 3 Saturday, September 10, 2011

06:00:00 AM Rise and Shine

07:00:00 AM Breakfast

08:00:00 AM Panglao Tour Van rental 2000, Tip 250 375.00

Panglao Church

Hinagdanan Cave

Dauis Church

Bohol Bee Farm Entrance 30/pax 30.00



Day 4 Sunday, September 11, 2011

07:00:00 AM Rise and Shine

08:00:00 AM Sea Side Tour

Bohol Beach Club

Dumaluan Entrance 75/pax, Cottage 225 112.50


Buy Pasalubong @Island City Mall
04:00:00 PM Arrive @Davao airport

04:55:00 PM ETD Tagbilaran Terminal fee 20.00
06:15:00 PM ETA Manila Taxi fare 115.00

Total Expense >>> 6100.75

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mitch Albom: The Five People You Meet in Heaven

"All endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time."

I was always intrigued by this book, since my college friends recommended it to read. Getting good review from the works of Mitch Albom, I finally bought my 2nd Albom's collection this year. The Five People You Meet in Heaven. This story takes us to the life and death of Eddie, a maintenance manager in Ruby Pier who died in his 83rd birthday on his attempt to save a little girl from a dropping cart.

5 People... 5 Lessons...

Lesson #1: We are all connected

I love how the author simplifies human relationship. That there are no random acts, and everything happens for a reason. That people we met before we die altered our lives forever and strangers are just family we have yet to come to know.

"No life is a waste. The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking that we are alone."  --Blue Man

Lesson #2: Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a part of life. We all made one, for ourselves, for our family, for the country... And it's not something to regret but to aspire.

"Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You are passing it on to someone else" --The Captain

Lesson #3: Forgiveness

I learned in this part that people tend to behave differently when confronted with conflicts. While some fearlessly face the problem, others keep silent just like Eddie's dad. I love how the author mentioned though silence can be our escape, it is rarely a refuge. That holding on to anger is a poison that can damage us inside out.

"No one is born with anger. And when we die, the soul is freed from it." --Ruby

Lesson #4: Lost love is still love

Love can be experience in different shapes. We can show it through physical gestures, a simple smile or hug; or encouraging words. But when we lost a loved one and death hinders us from demonstrating our love through our senses, memory fulfills it.

"Life has to end, love doesn't"  --Marguerite

Lesson #5: Purpose

Tala thought Eddie that being a maintenance guy at Ruby Pier is where he was supposed to be, to protect children, to keep them safe and make good for Tala.

"I was sad because I didn't  do anything with my life. I was nothing. I accomplished nothing. I was lost..." --Eddie to Tala

This book taught me one thing that matters most in our life... RELATIONSHIP! And it takes many forms. We are born in relationship, for relationship, to make relationships. We are born in a family who loves and nurtures us... Make friends, colleagues, and eventually our own family.  No one is exempted to experience relationship. And at the end of our life, nothing really matters except this.. how we relate to others, how we love and encourage people, how we spend time with our friends, family and loved ones. It's all about relationships! Even when we die and meet our Maker. There'll only be one thing that matters... our relationship with God, our Savior, our Father, our Friend :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Movie: Machine Gun Preacher

Since this is a true-to-life story, this movie made it in my must-see list.

This is the story of Sam Childers from Pennsylvania, USA, a former drug-dealing shotgunner who came to know God and had the heart to help and rescue the enslaved children in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan, Africa who were kidnapped, tortured, raped and brainwashed to be rebels by the brutal and notorious Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

Here are some of the quotes from the movie that made an impression to me:

Lynn: "You can’t keep going the way you’ve been going."

Sam: “You found God?!”  
Lynn: “He found me.”

Sam: “Talking about peace in a room somewhere is useless.  You go out and make it.”

Sam: “God is looking out for every one of you as well.  All you got to do is open up the door and let Him in."

Rebel kid: “If we allow ourselves to be full of hate, then they’ve won.  We must not allow them to take our hearts.”

Daisy: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of an evil is for a good man to do nothing."

You can visit their website Machine Gun Preacher

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Judges saved Jessica Sanchez @AI 2012 Top 7 Results

Honestly watching this video made me cry, more than once... I'm overwhelmed by the crowd's reaction, bewildered faces of the judges and her co-candidates when Ryan announced that Jessica Sanchez is the one at risk of leaving American Idol 2012 after the Top 7 performance.

Here are some of the moments that  blows me away:

1:07 - baffled face of the judges especially JLo
1:12, 1:44 - disbelief in Phillips' face

And my favorite?! When the judges walk on stage and approached Jessica as she did her final song.

Jennifer Lopez: Give me that mic! This is crazy!!!

Randy Jackson: We are saving Jessica without any doubt... This girl is one of the best singers in America ever. Are you kidding me? Please everybody please vote for the best! It's about finding the best! I mean come on!

After watching this video, how can you not vote for Jessica?! :D

Movie: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games! Far way better than Twilight :) in terms of storyline, characters and moral lessons :D

Katniss Everdeen!!! You're such an inspiration of love, self-sacrifice, courage, perseverance and girl power!

Here are some of the killer lines:

Effie Trinket: “Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!”

Haymitch Abernathy: “Here’s some advice. Stay alive.”

Gale: "Listen to me. You're stronger than they are. You are. They just want a good show. That's all 
they want. You know how to hunt. Show them how good you are."

Haymitch Abernathy: "This is the time to show them everything. Make sure they remember you."

Katniss: "So you're here to make me look pretty?"
Cinna: "I'm here to help you make an impression."

Here's one of my favorite scenes in the movie :) I loove the disbelief in her face as she walks closer to the sponsors, how she shoot the apple and how she said  "Thanks for your consideration!" then walk out!