Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movie: The Vow

For the longest time of not watching movies in big screen, Channing Tatum brought me back to cinemas  :) with the real-life inspired movie The Vow starring Rachel McAdams(Paige) and himself(Leo).

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the movie.

Leo: Life's all about moments of impact, and how they change our lives forever. 

Paige: I vow to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.
Leo: I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.

Rita Thornton(Paige's mom): I chose to stay with him for all the things he's done right; not the one thing he's done wrong. I chose to forgive him.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I found below story in Facebook and I can't help but almost cry after reading it.

Personal conviction... It's not always what we're going through, how miserable we are, our circumstances, our sufferings, our difficulties. More often than not, there are people out there who are experiencing way far than what we bear and yet they chose to let go and let God.

This story taught me to stop the victim mentality but rather be grateful in spite and despite of all and choose to be a blessing to others.

A doctor entered the hospital in hurry after being called in for an urgent surgery. He answered the call ASAP, changed his clothes and went directly to the surgery block. 

He found the boy’s father going and coming in the hall waiting for the doctor. Once seeing him, the dad yelled: “Why did you take all this time to come? Don’t you know that my son’s life is in danger? Don’t you have the sense of responsibility?”

The doctor smiled and said:
“I am sorry, I wasn’t in the hospital and I came the fastest I could after receiving the call... And now, I wish you’d calm down so that I can do my work”

“Calm down?! What if your son was in this room right now, would you calm down? If your own son dies now what will you do??” said the father angrily

The doctor smiled again and replied: “I will say what Job said in the Holy Bible “From dust we came and to dust we return, blessed be the name of God”. Doctors cannot prolong lives. Go and intercede for your son, we will do our best by God’s grace”

“Giving advice when we’re not concerned is so easy” Murmured the father.

The surgery took some hours after which the doctor went out happy, “Thank God! Your son is saved!”

And without waiting for the father’s reply he carried on his way running. “If you have any question, ask the nurse!!”

“Why is he so arrogant? He couldn’t wait some minutes so that I ask about my son’s state” Commented the father when seeing the nurse minutes after the doctor left.

The nurse answered, tears coming down her face: “His son died yesterday in a road accident, he was in the burial when we called him for your son’s surgery. And now that he saved your son’s life, he left running to finish his son’s burial.”

NEVER JUDGE ANYONE because you never know how their life is and as to what is happening or what they’re going through. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Beloved

As our group study the bible particularly the book of John, I was captivated by this particular verse:

John 13:23

One of them, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was reclining next to him. (NIV)
There was reclining on Jesus’ bosom one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved.  (NASB)
The disciple Jesus loved was sitting next to Jesus at the table. (NLT)

Knowing this verse for the past 10++ years, I used to think that Jesus loved His disciples but He loved John the most. But as we examine the accounts for The Last Supper in 4 gospels:

Matthew 26:17-30
Mark 14:12-26
Luke 22:7-38
John 13:18-30

We learned that the expression "the disciple whom Jesus loved" can only be found in John's own gospel =D So what was John trying to show here? Based on bible commentaries, the image of John leaning on Jesus' bosom is a picture of dependency to God's love. Surely, Jesus loved all the disciples but John knew it. "Knew" not just in theoretical terms but knew as in knowlege gained by first-hand experience and in this picture John is practicing and enjoying God's love. As I heard from Pastor Prince, which I also agree "Good things happen to people who knows that God loves them." For many reasons, but let me cite some:

1. Self-esteem is always steady because it's founded in unshakable ground, the love of God. It's not dependent on what you achieved in life, your appearance, your career, nor your possessions.
2. Happiness has nothing to do with your status. Whether single or married, what matters is being in a relationship with God
3. Have a positive view if placed in an unfavorable situation
4. Grateful
5. Understands that there is a purpose for everything
6. Have more grace to love others because of the love he/she experience from God

John 13:23 thought me to have a sense that we are God's beloved and we are precious to God! =D
If we know that God loves us and we've experience it, we will never be the same again, because God's love will compel us. 2 Corinthians 5:14

Inspired by: "Boast Of The Lord's Love For" preaching of Joseph Prince