Tuesday, December 22, 2015

CCF: A CHRISTmas Dream

The last few verses of Romans gives us a glimpse of how God pursues us to be able to understand and appreciate the message of this book. As Christians we are not limited to knowing and believing the Gospel but we are to demonstrate how our relationship with God has impacted our lives and the lives of people around us. The only Gospel that has the transforming power that can turn a ruthless murderer to a saint all by God's grace.

Apostle Paul recognizes that righteousness comes from God and not from us.

Chapter 1 – Paul was not ashamed to share the gospel
Chapter 2 – Salvation through gospel
Chapter 3 – Everyone has sinned

Through these passages we realize we are hopeless for all failed in God's standard, however God made His righteousness available to everyone through His son Jesus Christ. Everyone who puts his faith in Him and not through their good works, so that no one can boast. For God's righteousness is God's gift to those who choose to believe.

What God has given us:
1.    New life in Christ (6:2-6)
           Sins power is broken
2.    New nature (6:5-11)
           We are now dead to sin and alive to
3.    New freedom (6:12-16)
           We are no longer slaves to sin
           We are free from the bondage of sin

As Christians the hope that we have in Christ gives us a perspective that God will always have our best interests even in tough times. Because every suffering produces perseverance, endurance and hope.

Our assurance in Christ
1.    Assurance that God work for our good (8:28)
2.    Assurance that we were chosen by God and will one day see Him face-to-face (8:29-30)
3.    Assurance that God is for us and not against us (8:31)
4.    Assurance that nothing, either in heaver on on earth can separate us from the love of God (8:38-39)

“The good news of Jesus Christ is intended to transform a person’s life… and until individual Christians own and live out the theology, the gospel has not accomplished its purpose.” -- N.I.V.A.C.

Chapter 12 – Relationship with ourselves and others
Chapter 13 – Relationship with authorities
Chapter 14 - 15 – A Plea for Unity
Chapter 16 – The Letter Closing

Our faith in Christ affects every area of our lives… From our relationship with our family, to our brethren, to those outside the church… to the governing authorities…

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. –Rom 12:1-2 (NASB)

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Eight Things I Learned from Miss Universe 2015

Today is a happy day for the Philippines and so is the world, the universe rather :) Because one true winning moment is when you gain something out of the situation.

1.  Owning up to your mistakes can be the most responsible and courageous act you can do in your life. Yes Steve Harvey made a major mixed up when he announced Miss Colombia as the winner but I respect him for making an apology, moments after he realised he made a mistake and took responsibility to rectify the event.

2. Awkward moment does happen and there are few gifted people who can handle them with grace and poise. They are called women.

3. Move on.
People make mistakes which can be huge, controversial and irrevocable. But liberation starts from forgiveness, Steve Harvey don't deserve the blame, Miss Colombia don't deserve the shame and Miss Philippines don't deserve the memes. Let's all move on and give Miss Philippines the winning moment she deserves.

4. Never give up.
Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach joined Binibining Pilipinas for three consecutive years. Year 2013, when she won 1st runner up, 2014 she was part of the Top 15 finalist and finally in 2015 she bagged Bb Pilipinas - Universe which eventually led her to be the Miss Universe 2015.

5. You don't need a crown to be the winner.
Every candidate is already a winner. They came to Vegas empty handed, leaving the pageant full of experiences, new friends and more confident beauty queen.

6. Mistakes can be the defining moment that will change your life.

7. It takes a real Queen to accept defeat.

8. You too can be confidently beautiful with a heart :)
Anyone can be beautiful and confident but a genuine heart makes a huge distinction.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Music: Geronimo

The newest addition to my running playlist and the latest LSS playing in my head for the past few days now. Thanks to Sheppard band for this upbeat and fun song!

Can you feel it?
Now it's coming back we can steal it
If we bridge this gap,
I can see you
Through the curtains of the waterfall

When I lost it,
Yeah you held my hand,
But I tossed it,
Didn't understand,
You were waiting,
As I dove into the waterfall

So say Geronimo!
Say Geronimo! 6x
Can you feel my love?
Bombs away, 3x
Can you feel (my love, my love, my love, my love, my love) my love?
Bombs away, 3x
Say Geronimo!

Well we rushed it,
Moving away too fast
That we crushed it,
But it's in the past
We can make this leap,
Through the curtains of the waterfall

Repeat Chorus

Well I'm just a boy,
With a broken toy,
All lost and coy,
(At the curtains of the waterfall)
So it's here I stand,
As a broken man,
But I've found my friend,
At the curtains of the waterfall

Now I'm falling down,
Through the crashing sound
And you've come around,
At the curtains of the waterfall
And you rushed to me,
And it sets us free
So I fall to my knees,
(At the curtains of the waterfall)

So say Geronimo!
Say Geronimo! 11x
Bombs away 3x
Say Geronimo!
Make this leap 4x
Can you feel my love?

Miss Philippines Crowned Miss Universe 2015!

Hurray!!! After 41 long years of waiting for the Miss Universe crown which had been elusive to Miss Philippines candidates. Finally! 2015 is the turning point for all Filipinos who have been aspiring to witness once again a Filipina crowned to be the most beautiful woman in the whole universe.

The major mix-up of announcing the winner between Columbia and Philippines made this year's Miss Universe pageant extra memorable to Filipinos. We couldn't be more prouder of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for showing the elegance, heart and confidence of a true Filipina beauty.

"To be a Miss Universe is both an honor and a responsibility. If I were to be Miss Universe, I will use my voice to influence the youth and I will raise awareness to certain causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country which is the Philippines. I want to show the world, rather the universe -- that I am confidently beautiful with a heart."  -- Pia Wurtzbach

Love how the crown gems matches her royal blue evening gown!
Image courtesy of Twitter