Saturday, October 26, 2013

Father's Love

This video did not just entertained me big time! While most of us noticed how adorable the 4 year-old little girl is, this also highlighted how amazing and compelling the love of the dad to his child. This video did not just recorded how the father tried to encourage his child from being too scared of the sounds of fireworks when going to sleep, by trying to distract the very charming and talented toddler as he grab her pink ukelele and sing with her. This video captured the loving heart of the father to his daughter. 

The way he looked at her child is like God's statement assuring each one of His child, 'It's fine honey, Daddy's here.' His boundless patience reminded me how my heavenly Father had been so gentle and forgiving with me, for not giving up on me in spite of the many times I disappointed Him. His joy singing with his child exhibits how in the same way our God takes pleasure in spending time with us, his children. 

This is a salute to all responsible earthly fathers who give their best in raising children entrusted to them and a great reminder of the unconditional love of our heavenly Father. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hillsong: Yours is the Kingdom

This song says it all! First heard this sung during our Single's Retreat last October 11-13 at Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort in Malaysia and it captures me. My heart tells me to just delight in that moment as I sing my heart out to the God of the universe. 

Thank you Lord for the gift of music to all humanity. For the freedom to sing worship songs to our Creator. For the opportunity to come together as a family and praise our Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you for the instruments and our voices which all comes from You and for You alone. 

Thank you that You never look at the quality of our voices but the condition of our heart, our humble desire to worship You. For Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory and the Honour. Forever and ever!     

Yours Is The Kingdom

Yours is the Kingdom
And the power
And the glory forever is Yours
Heaven and earth bow down
In the wonder of Your Name
Heaven is open
Death is broken
And the glory forever is Yours
Nothing can overcome
The power of Your Name

King above kings
All the universe will sing
Everlasting God
You are wonderful
You are wonderful

And the shout of the earth
Will be Your praise
God forever
And the light unto all
Will be Your wonderful Name
For the glory Lord is Yours
God forever
All the glory Lord is Yours

Sunday, October 6, 2013

When God Speaks

I don't consider myself a people person. Most of the time crowd intimidates me. Which is one of the reason why I tend to sit still in one corner, content to observe people and completely be satisfied with my quietness. For sometime I live in the adage, don't bug me and I will not bug you.

In spite of this hidden personality, I am blessed to have a handful of amazing people whom I already have the guts to come out of my shell. Wonderful friends who I became comfortable to be me. First thanks to God for bringing these guys in my life, second thanks to time for letting me make history and spend life with them.

So when the Single's Retreat was announced in our church, I must admit that I am skeptical to register and join the activity. Then I've known that convention starts on a Friday at 3:30pm, this gave me a seemingly valid cover up that I would not be able to join since our team already submitted our leaves for the current sprint we are working on and I haven't submitted one for this event. My mind convinces me, "You have a valid reason Girlie, it should be fine."

But during our discipleship group yesterday right after the Sunday worship service in CCF. My leader mentioned that other participants will be joining the retreat on later time of Friday, 8pm. My mind begin to panic, I am not prepared for anything to say in case my leader asks me if that setup works for me. At the end of our discussion, I still did not made any commitment to them whether I can go or not. But I made a commitment to God that I will pray about it. I even asked Him to give me clear sign that He really wanted me to be in that retreat, sorry if I am playing hard to get.

Sunday afternoon, on my way home while riding in a bus, I saw this gigantic McDonald's signage, where the word "Retreat" was shouting out loud to me.

But my mind persists to bargain, "This is not a valid sign Lord, yes its a sign literally. A signage! But it's not counted. Can you please give me a credible Bible verse(yeah that sound more spiritual and mature!) so I would know it's really from you." I can imagine God scratching His head and telling me, "You asked for a sign, I gave you one Girlie!" Thank God for His patience to one unyielding daughter like me.

This morning while doing my devotion, I checked YouVersion, a Bible application on mobile phone and saw this as verse for the day:
How lovely on the mountains
Are the feet of him who brings good news,
Who announces peace
And brings good news of happiness,
Who announces salvation,
And says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”  -- Isaiah 52:7
This time no more questioning. I heard you Lord, crystal clear. Positive! God wanted me to go to the retreat, spend time with Him in the mountain with great anticipation that He alone can give me  genuine peace, good news and happiness. But more than those perks I can have the opportunity to honor and worship the One true God. How cool is that! :D

Bottom line! When God speaks to you, yield! And expect great things to happen, because you have a great living God!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Five Things I Learned from Hypotension

Last Saturday, I was caught off guard with a condition which crippled me for several days.

Being used to living an active life with 5 kilometers run weekly and attending yoga at least twice or thrice a week. My dreams shattered when I wake up one supposed-to-be-active-Saturday that my world is spinning around. Literally! My eyes cannot hide the fact that something is wrong in every step I attempt to make. Every single object is shifting places as if they're living things. Sigh. My blood pressure hit down to 95/60. I'm feeling dizzy and weak. I cannot focus and irritated.

What have I done wrong? How come I did not see this coming? While my mind refuse to believe that I have done nothing wrong, my body affirms my mistreat. Fine! I am convicted. I admit that I have not given proper care to my body for the past few days. With this monthly girl thing plus running in a 10 kilometer marathon the day after. Add to that attending one hour hot yoga on the fourth day and the consistent lack of proper sleep for the week. Made this hypotension-slash-low-blood-pressure equation inevitable.

But I cannot make this sickness to take the limelight. There's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. Now that I can finally say I have seen and experienced the light. For by God's grace I am already well. Here's five of the many things I learned on my hypotension experience:

  1. Hydrate! Also after menstrual cycle, woman's body needs 10 days to produce the blood she lost. At least this is what the Doctor told me. Nourish yourself with foods rich in iron or take supplements.
  2. Rest is indispensable. Help your body recover with proper sleep.  
  3. Take things slow. Being inactive sometimes could be your most productive time. 
  4. Focus on life's essentials. Your health matters not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well.
  5. Remain hopeful. To look forward for the day that things will be back to normal and you could finally say goodbye to dizziness. 
Now let's get back to track! :D