Five Things I Learned from Hypotension

Last Saturday, I was caught off guard with a condition which crippled me for several days.

Being used to living an active life with 5 kilometers run weekly and attending yoga at least twice or thrice a week. My dreams shattered when I wake up one supposed-to-be-active-Saturday that my world is spinning around. Literally! My eyes cannot hide the fact that something is wrong in every step I attempt to make. Every single object is shifting places as if they're living things. Sigh. My blood pressure hit down to 95/60. I'm feeling dizzy and weak. I cannot focus and irritated.

What have I done wrong? How come I did not see this coming? While my mind refuse to believe that I have done nothing wrong, my body affirms my mistreat. Fine! I am convicted. I admit that I have not given proper care to my body for the past few days. With this monthly girl thing plus running in a 10 kilometer marathon the day after. Add to that attending one hour hot yoga on the fourth day and the consistent lack of proper sleep for the week. Made this hypotension-slash-low-blood-pressure equation inevitable.

But I cannot make this sickness to take the limelight. There's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. Now that I can finally say I have seen and experienced the light. For by God's grace I am already well. Here's five of the many things I learned on my hypotension experience:

  1. Hydrate! Also after menstrual cycle, woman's body needs 10 days to produce the blood she lost. At least this is what the Doctor told me. Nourish yourself with foods rich in iron or take supplements.
  2. Rest is indispensable. Help your body recover with proper sleep.  
  3. Take things slow. Being inactive sometimes could be your most productive time. 
  4. Focus on life's essentials. Your health matters not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well.
  5. Remain hopeful. To look forward for the day that things will be back to normal and you could finally say goodbye to dizziness. 
Now let's get back to track! :D


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