Sunday, July 13, 2008

Isip-Bata: Tsinelas

one saturday, while playing with my niece aizel (2 years old, picture above), i tried to tease her by asking to give me her new pair of sandals... the footwear is kinda big for her so i told her it will perfectly fit me then it would be mine... (but obviously it's too small for me) however i insisted that it will fit me... our conversation goes like this:

tita girlie: di kasya sayo... anlaki... akin na kasya sakin yan... akin na lang yan...
aizel: ( hesitant to show the sandals ) di kasya sayo... maliit pa sayo toh (take note maliit pa daw sakin... :D)
tita girlie: hindi... kasya na sakin yan... akin na lang yan... bagay sakin yan eh...
aizel: maliit pa yan... pag natulog na to lalaki n siya tapos kasya n siya sayo di bah (pertaining to the sandals and convinced that it will eventually grow to fit me... hehehe)

well don't get shocked that's what her mom always tell her to convince her to sleep...... :P

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

@ the crossroad...

we make decisions every day...

we may choose to be miserable or be happy
we may choose to be single or be with somebody

we may choose to smile or frown
we may choose to stop or move on

we may choose to bid goodbye or say hi
we may choose to live or die

we may choose to embrace change or avoid it
we may choose to accept challenges or discard it

we may choose to dream or be content
we may choose to leave or stay

well at this point i'm in the middle of it.... :(

Monday, July 7, 2008

Seriously speaking...

thursday last week, I was so lucky to have been invited by a girlfriend to attend a talk regarding "Things we need to ask before we say 'I don't' to marriage" Honestly, when I first heard about the topic, I was really skeptic, because I thought that this talk was for singles who want to say goodbye to relationships... in the back of my mind i want to say to my friend, hey you can't be serious, i may not be in a relationship right now, but i'm not closing doors for it and i'm anticipating to have my own family in the future...

well thank God i never found the courage to say that to my friend.. and just found myself attending the talk... there i was reminded of how blessed i am for being a single person... the speaker highlighted answers to questions Where, When and How to find the right person God prepared for you... another thing that struck me was a comment from a guy, he says, "It is better for a man to remain single, than be married with the wrong girl." Plus 1 for that... don't worry guys cause we're on the same wavelength... :D

and if others find it too complicated to find their partners in life... i think the best preparation you could do before going to a relationship is just simple - just take care and preserve yourself as a gift for your husband or wife to be... :D

shake it on ...

approximately 9:40am today, its just so cool to experience the quake by myself... and not because someone told you that there was a quake and you even hardly noticed it... well the shake lasted for i think 5-7 seconds too short to noticed for others... but sitting on my chair in my cube gosh it's as if someone is rocking my chair moderately... just enough to make me realize that there's something going on... some shake that is kinda alarming but i don't regret experiencing it...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Basic Mandarin - Lesson 2

Build up your vocabulary.......................... :D

mi ren - charming
piao liang - beautiful
shuai - handsome
mi - attract
vi qi - together
peng liao - friends
lai - came
zou kai - go away/get lost
fen gou - bad smell/smog
chou - stinky
wei - can
shuo - to speak
pu tong - common
hua - dialect/language
pu tong hua - common language/Mandarin
yi dian - a little
yi dian dian - just a little bit
ying yu - English

Country - Guó
England - Yīngguó
France - Fàguó
China - Zhōngguó
Germany - Déguó
America - Měiguó
American - Měiguó rén
No - Bù
Not good - Bù hǎo
Busy - Máng
Tired - Lèi

Is he American? - Tā shì Měiguó rén ma
He is English - Tā shì Ingguó rén
Is he busy? - Tā hěn máng ma
I'm busy - Wǒ máng
He's busy - Tā máng
I'm very busy - Wǒ hěn máng
He's very busy - Tā hěn máng
I'm tired - Wǒ lèi
He's very tired - Tā hěn lèi
Are you tired? - Ni lèi ma
Are you busy? - Ni máng ma