Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank you Lola!

Gary... Girlie... Glaiza... Gemson...
These are the famous names of me and my siblings, well at least for my parents 

Back when I was a child when the curious-Girlie got into me, I remember asking my Nanay why our names all starts with letter "G" where did they get our names and what does it mean to them. As my gingerly mind tries to wonder, G must mean Great or Grateful or Generous. Geee! I was wrong, my nanay affectionately told me that they took all our names from the first letter of my grandmother "Gloria" whom we fondly call "Nanay Goya." That day on, I already knew that my Lola must be special.

Indeed she was, she is and she will always be.

I will miss the way you cook my favorite pichi-pichi and sopas "the-nanay-goya-way". I will miss holding your diligent hands and placing them in my forehead to pay my respect every time I see you. I will miss how you always assures us you're still strong, your health has been remarkable.

I would always remember you as a strong-willed woman. A loving mother who never get tired of taking care not only her children but her grandchildren and even her grandchildren's children.  A virtuous grandmother. A delightful human being. A respectable person.  

Thank you for all the goodness you have imparted in my life. Thank you not only for teaching me but for showing me through your selfless action and tender heart how to love my siblings and to always respect my parents. Thank you for nurturing your children and for providing a loving husband to my mom and a responsible father to us. Thank you for reminding me that life is precious.

We love you Nanay Goya! I am infinitely grateful to be your grand daughter. :) I know you will be reading this post in heaven.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Yesterday is not my ordinary-thank-God-its-almost-Friday Thursday. I had an interesting girls night out with my not-so-new-found friends in Singapore after my basic yoga class.

During our satay-street-party at Lau Pa Sat, we eat, we laugh, we chat, we share, we reflect. As we try to consume the food, we found ourselves digesting our experiences in Singapore and how we keep up with the fast-paced life in this city. As one of us drop this question at the table:
"Ano nga ba ang purpose ng buhay?" (What is the purpose of life?)
That very moment, I already knew I would be writing a post for it.

Most of us if not everyone might have asked this question to ourselves at least once at certain moments in our lives. One's purpose in life is a profound question. A meaningful quest. A present we all want to unwrap.

From: It Takes a Man and a Woman Movie
Seriously, how would you answer this one spontaneously? In my humble attempt, I begin with the end in mind. How do you view life? Do you see it how statistics dictates the 68-year-average-life-expectancy-for-human-being on earth? Or you go beyond life?

Sixty-eight years related to eternity is beyond comparison. It's like a single star in the midst of the universe, or a glass of water compared to the vast pacific ocean. Understanding this principle place us strategically to answer the question, 'What is your life's purpose?' Knowing that your life here on earth is just a speck in the cosmic space will lead you to a simpler question, "Where should you want to invest your life in? earthly or eternal?"
For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? -- Mark 8:36 (NKJV)
Every invention has a purpose. Every road has an end. Every object has a use. Every masterpiece has its own design. Every word has a meaning. How much more a human being who is shaped by the Creator of heaven and earth?

Our ultimate goal according to the Bible,
"For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him." -- Colossians 6:16
We are made to worship and give glory to our Almighty God.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pursuing Intimacy in His Presence

Another powerful, eloquent and sincere session with Rev. Edmund Chan in CCF's Leadership Conference last January, 2012 which I find worth sharing.

Four Myths of Intimacy

1. Intimacy is the key to blessing
Intimacy is not the key to blessing. Intimacy is the blessing. Let us not confuse ourselves with the means and ends. Intimacy is not the means, it is the ends.
2. Intimacy is a prize
Intimacy is neither earned not deserved. Intimacy is not a prize. Intimacy is an invitation from God not only for selected elites but for all humanity.
3. Intimacy is optional
Oftentimes, people wants a little bit of intimacy with God to be respectable but not enough to be revived radically. Respectability is the enemy of revival.
Intimacy is not optional, not incidental, not supplemental. Intimacy is fundamental.
4. Everyone experience intimacy the same way.
Different persons have different encounters and experiences of God.

I would not forget how Rev. Edmund Chan emphasized in his talk,
"You are blessed to be a blessing!"
Feeling tremendously blessed being part of this conference and every time I watch this video. I am intentionally posting this to share the joy I have to all readers who might drop by.

Watch the entire talk from this link. Hope you'll be blessed! :)

Growing Deep in Faith by Edmund Chan (Part 1)

I had the opportunity to read Growing Deep in Faith a book brimming with wisdom and encouragement from the leader-mentor-pastor himself Reverend Edmund Chan.

While reading this book, its not enough to highlight some words, I could highlight the entire book ;))

Below are some of my favorites:

The God of the Already

Joshua chapter 3 tells us the story of the crossing of the Jordan River, where Joshua thought us three essential principles:

Have a heart to follow
Have the faith to believe
Have the courage to act

Though nothing seems to happen. God has already acted. He has already done something. God is already on the move. God is already answering prayers.

Already! The question is, are you ready?

Are you ready with the heart to follow - that you might encounter His divine presence? Are you ready with a faith to believe - that you might embrace His divine promise? Are you ready to have the courage to act - that you might experience His divine power?

Are you ready to be blessed by the God of Already?

The God Who Multiplies

When you think of giving up on life, remember this three important things about God where we can place our focus:

1. Focus on what God has done. The Bible reveals God's awesome track record of multiplying minimum resources for maximum impact.
2. Focus on what God can do. God has demonstrated His gracious willingness and glorious power to multiply and transform us
3. Focus on who God is. He is the God who multiplies, what we put on His hand, for His glory!

When the problem is too big and the resources too little, bring it to Jesus. Perhaps Andrew understands this when he brought the five loaves and two fishes to Jesus to fed the 5000 multitudes.

Give your best and let God do the rest. The disciples discovered that God delights in using small things in a big way.

The God who multiplies is not just about numbers. Transformation is God's goal. Our God is not just the God of redemption. He is also the God of multiplication. And He is not just the God of multiplication, He is also the God of transformation.

Transformation must precede multiplication. God redeem us - so as to transform us - in order to multiply us.

Everything - God = Nothing
God + nothing = Everything

Saturday, April 13, 2013

10 Things I Learned from Candy Crush

In today's age of iphones, android, notebook and tablet who doesn't play this craze? And so who am I to struggle. I yield :)

For the past 2-3 months that I insanely played this delicious and addictive puzzle saga, here are my take-aways:

1. Do not give up
Failure is inevitable but alongside it comes a Retry option. Learn from your mistakes and move along. Perseverance is a big word, having the courage to try again is your baby step.

2. Life is precious, use it wisely
Life is a gift. Go ahead and unwrap it. Play. Live. Enjoy. Fill it with creativity, love, joy and gratitude.

3. No man is an island. 
At certain moment in your Candy Crush adventure you will need the help of others. Whether on times of defeat - someone who give a life, share your frustrations or on times of victory - high-fiving you for completing that level you've been stuck for several days.

4. Connection is essential 
Just like how you find time to look for the candy pattern, make time to stay connected with family, friends and loved-ones.

5.  Be grateful to luck
“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” 
― Dalai Lama XIV

6. Think before you click 
It's not how fast you pull the trigger. What matters is the ripple effect of that single, deliberate move. Strategy mah frend! Just like taking test examination, it doesn't matter who finish first. Respect belongs to students who did well on the test results.

7. True friends care enough to share and give life ;))

8. We all need encouragement 
Correction does much but encouragement does more.
Sounds familiar? Need I add more? ;)

9. Focus on your goal 
In every season of your life set a goal and work your way out in achieving this. It's important to read the instructions whether its a game or real life. Distractions may pop up every once in awhile, as others may give unsolicited advice but its your game baby :) You call the shots!

10. Life is unpredictable
Just like how you cannot figure out what kind, shape or color of candy will show up. Make the most of what is given to you and play it well.

But if there's one most important principle I don't want to forget in playing Candy Crush --- It doesn't matter how awesome move you made, how many stars you've earned, what level you completed, what high scores you've reached. There is more to life than playing Candy Crush! Go out and meet real people. ;)

And please don't crush candies it's a way lot of fun eating them! ;)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

SKS Books Warehouse

I first heard Reverend Edmund Chan (Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church in Singapore back thentalk in one of the Leadership Conference organized by Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) at St. Francis, Mandaluyong way back 2011. And boy this man is on fire! Insightful, humble, sincere and joyful. He is grounded by the Scripture and his passion for the Word of God is overwhelming. 

Now that I am in Singapore, the opportunity of grabbing Edmund Chan's books is just around the corner. Look who's excited? :)  

One rainy Saturday, the weather cannot hold me back in making this happen :) So off I went to SKS Books Warehouse, the only bookstore here in Singapore that carry Edmund Chan's book. Though the location was remote, since you need to walk 15-20 minutes from MRT Station, my sweat was all worthwhile. 

Not only did I get the 2 Growing Deep series, I was also entitled to a 10% discount as member after I purchased 50 sgd worth of books. #simplejoys

You have no idea how the place comforted me. I love staring at the pile of books neatly arranged in the shelves. I enjoyed walking in the hallway of books after books after books. I adored the creative cover designs in different sizes and color. I can live here forever ;))

Visit them and enjoy for yourself! ;)

SKS Books Warehouse
315 Outram Road, Tan Boon Liat Building, #09-03, S(169074)

Tel: 62279700
Fax: 62214595
Email: enquiry@sksbooks.com

Mon,Tue,Thurs,Fri & Sat: 0900hrs - 1900hrs
Weds: 0900hrs - 2000hrs
Sun: Closed