Thank you Lola!

Gary... Girlie... Glaiza... Gemson...
These are the famous names of me and my siblings, well at least for my parents 

Back when I was a child when the curious-Girlie got into me, I remember asking my Nanay why our names all starts with letter "G" where did they get our names and what does it mean to them. As my gingerly mind tries to wonder, G must mean Great or Grateful or Generous. Geee! I was wrong, my nanay affectionately told me that they took all our names from the first letter of my grandmother "Gloria" whom we fondly call "Nanay Goya." That day on, I already knew that my Lola must be special.

Indeed she was, she is and she will always be.

I will miss the way you cook my favorite pichi-pichi and sopas "the-nanay-goya-way". I will miss holding your diligent hands and placing them in my forehead to pay my respect every time I see you. I will miss how you always assures us you're still strong, your health has been remarkable.

I would always remember you as a strong-willed woman. A loving mother who never get tired of taking care not only her children but her grandchildren and even her grandchildren's children.  A virtuous grandmother. A delightful human being. A respectable person.  

Thank you for all the goodness you have imparted in my life. Thank you not only for teaching me but for showing me through your selfless action and tender heart how to love my siblings and to always respect my parents. Thank you for nurturing your children and for providing a loving husband to my mom and a responsible father to us. Thank you for reminding me that life is precious.

We love you Nanay Goya! I am infinitely grateful to be your grand daughter. :) I know you will be reading this post in heaven.


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