Monday, May 26, 2008

still standing...

Verse 1
You gave me courage to believe,

That all Your goodness I would see.

And if it had not been for You, standing on my side

Where would I be?

If not for your goodness, If not for your grace,

I don’t know where I would be today.

If not for your kindness, I never could say I’m still standing.

If not for your mercy, If not for your Love,

I most likely would have given up.

If not for your favour, I never could say I’m still standing,

But by the grace of God

Verse 2
To You I lift my offering, And set my heart on higher things.

For if it had not been for You, Standing on my side,

Where would I be?

** Who says christian music is dull and outdated... well try to listen to this song by clicking HERE and you'll have a brainwash... I first heard this song in our church and instantly i fell in love with it... it's my heart's song... the message of a grateful and humble heart in a fast and upbeat rhythm... indeed whatever we have, whoever we are now - we all owe it to God :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Becoming Jane ... i just love it

i love anne hathaway... i love James McAvoy... i love the cast ... i love the setting... i love the plot... i love their british accent...

some mushy lines in the movie which I absolutely love...

TOM: Jane, I am yours.. God I am yours.. I am yours heart and soul...


TOM: No! No, Jane! I will never give you up.
JANE: Tom...
TOM: Don't speak, or think, or... Just love me. Do you love me?
JANE: Yes.

ohh I admire Jane's bravery to walk away from the man he loved so much... i know it had been so hard for her :(

this movie made me cry a lot... it moved me... my heart and soul

Monday, May 5, 2008

Father - imprison and raped her daughter for 24 years :(

“How could a father imprisoned and raped her own daughter in their cellar for 24 years?” This is the question that first hit me when I heard this chilling story.

Josef F(left picture), 73 years old admits he hostaged his daughter Elizabeth F, now 42 years old in the cellar of their house in Amstetten, Austria - the same house where he and his wife lived. The vicious father starts molesting Elizabeth F when she was 11 years old. At the age of 18 she was reported missing with letters to her parents that she run away and not to look for her – this is a story enforced by Josef F who imprisoned her.

And imagine for 24 horrible years her father kept her in their windowless cellar(side picture) where her father repeatedly raped her resulting to 7 children, one of them died after birth. Josef burned the baby’s body in the oven and then threw it. Among the 6 kids, 3 of them was able to see the light of day and lived normally after Josef schemed out a plan to take and leave them in their doorsteps while their still babies with a letter from Elizabeth begging her parents to take care of them. These kids grew not having any clue that their mother and other siblings – Kerstin, 19; Stefan, 18 and Felix, 5 were held in the dungeon basement of the same house. For 24 years their father/grandfather brought the victims food, clothing and other necessities they need.

My next question then was how could the mother/Josef’s wife did not even notice all this? Policemen explained that the cellar where Josef kept her daughter was a basement constructed in 1960’s – entrance was via narrow and hidden door, controlled by electronic system and even soundproofed.

The crime was discovered when Elizabeth’s eldest – Kerstin, got very ill and needs to be brought to the hospital. With the doctors asking so many questions, Fritz was forced to bring out Elizabeth from their basement, took him to the hospital to answer questions on Kerstin’s condition. And at this point the authorities find out about her situation.

For Elizabeth who has been enslaved and abused for almost half of her life, I just hope and pray that she’ll get the right medical, psychological treatment and support she can have… and also for her children.

For more details, see related videos of this news by clicking >>HERE<<.

Magpakatotoo ka, sister!

I have always respected people who are brave enough to tell their thoughts and people who are never afraid to say what they feel and fight for it. Some even considered them as more genuine and braver than others, because they don’t care what people will think of them as long as they are being true to themselves. I guess this is the reason why “Magpakatotoo ka” tag line became legendary.
However, this notion is being manipulated by people who want to make it as an excuse for their insecurities, undeveloped disciplined and stunted temper. Others would say, it’s just okay to show cold behavior to a person because you don’t FEEL like him, and carelessly say whatever you thought about him, whether good or bad. Justifying yourself -> “At least hindi ka plastic!” We’ll no one is exempted in this case cause I’m sure that in any ways each of us have some people whom we don’t really like, isn’t it?

I don’t have anything against people being true to themselves as long as this would settle for what’s best and this would improve their being. If “pagpakatotoo” would improve your relationship to others and elevate your self worth and confidence then I think there’s nothing wrong with it.

Because for me, a real authentic and brave person as quoted(which I greatly commend) is someone who can control his emotions, rather than his emotions controlling him.

It’s not always about us... our feelings… our rights. I’m sure we’ll still be meeting more people whom we don’t like or agree with. In our workplaces – they may be our bosses whom we think are not good enough or employees whom we don’t feel like working with; In schools – they can be our teacher who regard themselves as a-know-it all but is actually not and worse is… it can be in our own home. We cannot change people, but we can always change our attitude in dealing with them.

Lao-tzu was a real life guru as he quoted, “He who gains victory over other men is strong but he who gains victory over himself is all powerful.” J