Thursday, June 26, 2008

No care day ......... :|

i woke up extremely late this morning... 8:39am to be exact ... last night, i intentionally didn't set my alarm and planned to wake up whatever time I will... for some reason, i just don't care... i left at 9:30am, i know i could have made it earlier but who cares... though time is not with me, i still took a leisure walk from mrt-ortigas going to prestige tower... so i reached the office at 10:30am... i really don't care at all...

reaching the office, we had a GA meeting and the management just announced that our performance bonus will be postponed until sometime... some date which we still don't know... again i want to say i don't care... at least this "no care day" feeling pays off... i just don't want to stressed myself out for this one sucking news...

well maybe, just maybe we experience such feelings in preparation for something big thing to happen... :|

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My bucket list, before I kick it out :D

If you've watched "The Bucket List"(2007) movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman I'm sure you can relate to this.

This post is a testament of God's grace and faithfulness in my transitory pilgrimage here on earth. Before you continue reading, I just want to share this two potent quotes:
"An unexamined life is not worth living" by Socrates
"Evaluation is the mother of improvement" Anonymous
Pondering more here's a shortlist of my "to-do-things" hopefully I can accomplish by God's grace before I expire:

1. Have a deeper relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ
- Every year this has a been a prayer item for me because I have the tendency to be complacent with my faith and get distracted easily. I believe I'm still a work in progress.

2. Experience Christ with my family
- I dreamt of a Christian family ever since... I long to see all of us, my nanay and tatay together with my 3 siblings go to church, surrender our lives to God, learn to wholly depend on Him and grow to be the person God wants us to be. My nanay and I are entrusting all these to God, just like how He showed His favor to us, we pray that our family will know Him personally and allow Him to move in each ones lives.

3. Build my own family and have kids
- Though I enjoy the freedom of singlehood (in fact I celebrated more than a decade of singleness) I do desire to settle with the person God has destined for me, have kids and build a home. But you don't just want to be married, you want to be happily married. So even if it takes a while I'm positive it's all gonna be worth the wait...

4. Buy my own house and furnitures
- By God's grace I got one in Marilao, Bulacan where I let my folks stay. Now it's saving time for the furniture :D .

5. Put up a business
- Real state, clothing or food business maybe, still haven't decided for the details yet.

6. Write a book
- Writing has been a frustration to me, I have so many thoughts in mind which I can't put into words, that's the reason I have this blog ;)

7. Teach
- I love kids (they're like stimulants to me)... I love Sundays... I love to observe and talk to our sunday schoolers... Though I'm not an academe teacher I can see myself fulfilling this passion in the future, and eventually tutor my own children(sounds fun to me:D)

8. Travel ^_^

** Explore Philippines!
     a. Luzon
        - Ilocos
        - Baguio
        - Sagada
        - Batanes
     b. Visayas
        - Cebu
        - Bohol
        - Palawan
     c. Mindanao
        - Davao

** Explore Asia
     - Hongkong (February, 2010)
     - Macau (February, 2010)
     - Singapore (August, 2012)
     - Cambodia (Siem Reap, Phnom Penh) (May, 2015)
     - Thailand (Bangkok) (April, 2015)
     - Malaysia (November, 2013)
     - Indonesia (August, 2014)
     - Vietnam (March, 2016)
     - Sri Lanka (March, 2018)
     - South Korea
     - China
     - Japan
     - Taiwan (April, 2018)

** Holy Land tour (May, 2016)
     - Israel
     - Egypt
     - Jordan

** Explore America (April, 2017)
     - California - Foster City, San Francisco
     - Nevada, Las Vegas
     - New York

** Explore Europe
     - Portugal
     - France
     - Spain
     - Germany
     - Italy
     - UK

** Explore other parts of the world
     - Australia (May, 2017; February, 2018)
     - Dubai (May, 2016)
     - Abu Dhabi (May, 2016)
     - New Zealand

9. Cruise vacation

10. Bring mom to an out-of-the-country vacation :) all expense paid trip! She haven't been outside Philippines ever, so it'd be a great experience for her. She deserves it. Love you nay! (August 2013)

11. Learn 2 new languages
- I have Mandarin and Spanish in mind...

12. Buy my own car and learn to drive
- I'd love to drive for my family going to places where we can bond and enjoy... During my youthful days, my parents tried their best to bring us to parks and zoos but in the expense of riding public vehicles. And believe me it's not easy commuting with 4 kids at hand, but they still did it.. I would love to return the favour to them now that I'm a young adult.

13. Learn to swim

14. Try scuba diving  (Tioman Island, Malaysia - May, 2016)

15. Sing and record an album

16. Try extreme sports
- Water rafting (September, 2016 @Ayung River, Indonesia)
- Bungee jump
- Skydive (May 01, 2017 @Rockingham, Australia)

17. Run full marathon
(Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - December 4, 2016)

18. Be part of short/long-term missions abroad

I consider this a "live" post, I'll be updating this once in a while and highlight the items that I considered DONE all by God's grace.

My Grown-up Christmas List

The chorus of this song absolutely describes the dream of each human being... ohh life... how we all wish it well and ideal...

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
Every man would have a friend
That right would always win
And love would never end

This is my grown-up Christmas list...


Monday, June 16, 2008

wu chun[proper noun] - HOT

| hottie | dashing | cute | sexy | rugged | gorgeous | charming | witty | good looking | attractive | adorable | funny | fresh | playful | delicious | heartthrob | pleasing | cool | nerd |

Friday, June 13, 2008

John Q - you're the man!

a story of a struggling father(Denzel Washington) who in desperation find himself hostaging the emergency room staff and some patients of one hospital.

why did he do this? out of caring and selfless love... don't get me wrong i can see your eyebrows raised with a blurting question, "what's wrong with this man, and what the hell are you saying he's doing it out of love." We'll you heard me right... he did it in his desperation to save his dying son who needed a heart transplant... but because his insurance wont cover the charges and he was not able to raise enough money the doctors does not agree to operate... and this was the only hope he had...

he did not fear the police and the consequences of his actions... he did not fear even death because he was willing to die and give his own heart for his son...

just take it from the movie's tagline, "Give a father no options and you leave him no choice."

John Q - this really moved me... just in time for our celebration with Father's day... so to all the father, dad, daddy, papa, paps, pappy, tatang, itay, tay, tatay in the world... whatever we call him... you're the man dude!!! live on!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

-1 for Mr Brooks

Beware of your current emotional state before watching this film... believe me if you're not in great shape and then happen to watch this movie... probably you'll kill yourself after :( Of course that's hyperbole :P

Seriously, this is a practical example of a film that will depress you... A story of a respected businessman(played by Kevin Costner) even awarded as "Man of the Year"; a passionate husband; a loving father - but an addict who cannot escape from his alter ego urging him to kill... yes he's addicted to killing...

While watching this kind of film you may be physically relax, but after that watching you'll be emotionally restless...

Include the following in my "No no" list:
Into the Wild(2007) Emile Hirsh - for the gloomy ending of the story
Wicker Man(2006) Nicholas Cage - for the morbid experiences and sufferings of Edward :( plus the terrible ending
300(2006) Gerard Butler - only for the barbaric killings but other than that the film is excellent... AHOO! AHOO!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Basic Mandarin 101

some of the mandarin words and their translation which i learn this week:

wa - i, me, myself
ni - you
pa - he, she, it
bu - no, not
hen - very
hao - good
mang - busy
lei - tired
dui - yes
chung - china
mei - america
ing - england
fa - france
gwa - country
ren - people
xian sheng - mister
xiao jie - miss
ye - also
na li - where
xue xiao - school
xue - go

but wait you can learn more of mandarin on the following links...

learn on...