Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to win the good and evil battle of the mind?

I heard this simple story from Rev. Edmund Chan during our 2012 Leadership Conference at CCF and it captivated me that I couldn't wait blogging it to share to others as well. Sorry, I needed to rephrased the story based on how I remember it as I write this post.


There was once a boy speaking to his grand father

Boy: Grandpa, do you ever experience a still small voice telling you the good thing you should do and then there's another voice telling you the other way.

Grandpa: Yes dear why?

Boy: Grandpa, how do I win the battle of choosing between the good and the evil?
Grandpa: My son, whoever you feed the most, that voice wins...


Monday, January 16, 2012

Would you rather live during Jesus' times or now?

I have always envied people who lived more than 2000 years ago or during the times of Jesus Christ, when they can hear Jesus preach; witness His miracles; listen to His parables and teachings; speak to Him and ask for direction personally and when He can answer you with audible sound. Unlike today when you can only hear His preaching through pastors or speakers and when you can only speak to Him through prayers.

But I wasn't wiser than I thought I was. God has a reason for everything, a time for everything...

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2
There is a time for everything,
 and a season for every activity under the heavens:
 a time to be born and a time to die,
 a time to plant and a time to uproot.

I realized, I am not even sure of myself If I can endure those days when Christians were persecuted and stoned to death; when slaves were valuable possessions of their masters that can be bought and traded; when woman slaves can be used by their masters to bore their children; when marriages were arranged; when woman is identified as a low class person depending on status of her husband.

Wow, God is really good, isn't He? Now, I understand that He has His best intentions when He let me live 2000 years after, when the opportunity to experience Him is boundless :) I can hear His preaching through various preachers, live or recorded; I can witness His miracles daily; I can listen to His parables and teachings through bible, testimonies, bible studies and Sunday services; I can speak to Him anytime, anywhere I want and when Jesus answers my prayers in immeasurable ways - through His word, events, dreams or through other people. 

How can I question Him, His thoughts, His timing, His will... when He already knew my past, present and future :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Digiperm Experience @Tony and Jackey

Me and my friend Joan have been long planning to have our hair done, so we've decided to try Tony and Jackey's promo for my first time curls. We've searched for their branches, The Block at SM North is the most convenient place for us where we availed their Packaged D.

We came in at 12:00pm, first the Korean hairstylists examined our hairs and explained to us what kind of treatment will be done, which I think is a good start because you'll have an idea how much you'll be spending, by the way TnJ - The Block accepts CASH payments only I'm not sure with their other branches. Initially we planned to avail their PackageoB - Aqua setting and Digital Perming, but Filipina attendants there mentioned that this treatment is good only for untreated/virgin hairs, so we settled with their Package D - Loreal Extenso setting and Digital Perming. After we've agreed, they started us with shampoo and then haircut. I was a bit worried during the haircut, I felt that Jason, my Korean hairstylist was just cutting my hair wherever he wants :) After haircut, keratin treatment was done with a huge dome placed on top of my head for 15 minutes.

Perming medicine was then applied to my hair and covered my hair with plastic and placed me again under the huge dome for 20-30 minutes. Then they washed my hair and blow dried again. (see left picture below)

Slimenthol was then applied instead of the Arte herba manicure in preparation for the "octopus" session ( term "octopus" was just invented because I don't what it's called ). In this part, they split my hair in 12 portions, rolled it in curlers attached to a octopus-like machine for 13 minutes then another 3-5 minutes to cool down. (see right picture)

After removing my hair from the curlers and the "octopus" they attached hair clips/pins to hold the curls, then sprayed neutralizer to each curl. After 5-7 minutes, they removed all the pins and shampoo my hair for the third time.

Finally, they applied hair lotion, manually curled my hair with their fingers in several portions to set and then blow dry.

And whoala! My first ever curls :) loving it so far!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Exist: Pick-up Line Battle by QA

2011 is the year of pick-up lines and sure does we cannot miss this battle... So I made a compilation of lines some original, others are mostly overheard. Making sure that we make our fair share to this craze. Thanks to my Exist girlfriends Joan, Leslie and Erlyn for contributing. Certified keso! =))

Christmas ka ba? Kasi I want to merry you!

Boy: Kung gasolina ka, malamang pamasahe ako.
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Kasi ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit ako nagmamahal

Boy: Tubig ka ba?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Kasi you quench my thirst

Boy: Tsinelas ka ba?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Kasi with you, i can go anywhere

Boy: Sana naka-off ang ilaw.
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Para tayo na lang ang mag-ON

Boy: Samahan mo nmn ako bumili ng mapa
Girl: Bakit saan ka pupunta?
Boy: Dyan lng sana... sa puso mo

Boy: Napuyat ka ba?
Girl: Hindi naman, bakit?
Boy: Kasi magdamag kitang iniisip eh

Programmer's corner:

Boy: JAVA ka ba?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Kasi I'm starting to like you na!

Boy: Sana variable ka na lang...
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Para pede kitang istore sa puso ko

Boy: Module ka ba?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Gusto sana kitang i-require sa buhay ko

Boy: SVN ka ba?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Kasi gusto ko na magcommit sayo eh

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: 50 Reasons to be Thankful!

Starting this year with a thankful heart. I decided to make a list of at least 50 random, strange, significant, neglected things or people I am grateful for this year.

1. Second chances in life and love 
2. More than two weeks vacation last December
3. Tatay, the best cook in the world, who always asks me what I want for lunch or dinner
4. My job
5. Rubik's cube :) my own version of eye candy...
6. Coffee!!! Hot and cold
7. Dunkin Donuts pancakes, brings comfort to my friend tonguee and tummy
8. My blogging havens - Library of Wonders and my Cup of T
9. Gringa! such a friendly and sweet dog
10. Crazy, hyperactive, blunt nephews and nieces who are also very cute, funny and super sweet
11. Websites that offers good deals and promos
12. Creamy leche flan! so hard to resist
13. Shuttle/van from Quezon Avenue to Ortigas 
14. Personal relationship with God :) The best!
15. New year, fresh start, new beginnings, new hope
16. Electricity! helps us live the good life
17. Beach! sand, sun, horizon and even the tan lines
18. Exist shirt and umbrella freebies
19. SMS and mobile phones, connecting people
20. Shades, eyeglasses and contact lenses
21. Travel spree, camping adventures and retreats
22. Facebook
23. My 2011 planner and now my new 2012 planner :)
24. Digital photography, no more films and photo developing
25. For the tough days in my life, makes me appreciate the good ones
26. True-to-life stories and testimonies I heard
27. Gifts I received last Christmas
28. Writers, teachers and heroes
29. Music, mp3s
30. Roof, my own room and a house to stay
31. All kinds of desserts! cake, salads, ice cream, chocolates
32. For not being fat in spite of my voracious appetite
33. My bible
34. Warm and close colleagues/friends
35. Ideas, thoughts I have in mind
36. Night time! reminds me to rest
37. Technical, travel forums online
38. Food and blessings in the table
39. Time to write and post blog
40. Sunday services and freedom to praise and worship
41. My bed, pillows, blanket and a good night sleep
42. Good health. No bargains!
43. My journal and pen
44. Toothbrush, floss, mouthwash and dentist
45. Friends and sisters in Christ
46. Slippers, flip-flops, comfy flat sandals
47. Rx 93.1, never fails to wake me up and make me smile
48. Antihistamines :) AR go away!
49. My feet and legs, takes me where I want to go
50. Water! The most essential element to life

There you go... Feel free to add your own reason to celebrate life with gratitude and together let's discover the power of a grateful heart :)