2011: 50 Reasons to be Thankful!

Starting this year with a thankful heart. I decided to make a list of at least 50 random, strange, significant, neglected things or people I am grateful for this year.

1. Second chances in life and love 
2. More than two weeks vacation last December
3. Tatay, the best cook in the world, who always asks me what I want for lunch or dinner
4. My job
5. Rubik's cube :) my own version of eye candy...
6. Coffee!!! Hot and cold
7. Dunkin Donuts pancakes, brings comfort to my friend tonguee and tummy
8. My blogging havens - Library of Wonders and my Cup of T
9. Gringa! such a friendly and sweet dog
10. Crazy, hyperactive, blunt nephews and nieces who are also very cute, funny and super sweet
11. Websites that offers good deals and promos
12. Creamy leche flan! so hard to resist
13. Shuttle/van from Quezon Avenue to Ortigas 
14. Personal relationship with God :) The best!
15. New year, fresh start, new beginnings, new hope
16. Electricity! helps us live the good life
17. Beach! sand, sun, horizon and even the tan lines
18. Exist shirt and umbrella freebies
19. SMS and mobile phones, connecting people
20. Shades, eyeglasses and contact lenses
21. Travel spree, camping adventures and retreats
22. Facebook
23. My 2011 planner and now my new 2012 planner :)
24. Digital photography, no more films and photo developing
25. For the tough days in my life, makes me appreciate the good ones
26. True-to-life stories and testimonies I heard
27. Gifts I received last Christmas
28. Writers, teachers and heroes
29. Music, mp3s
30. Roof, my own room and a house to stay
31. All kinds of desserts! cake, salads, ice cream, chocolates
32. For not being fat in spite of my voracious appetite
33. My bible
34. Warm and close colleagues/friends
35. Ideas, thoughts I have in mind
36. Night time! reminds me to rest
37. Technical, travel forums online
38. Food and blessings in the table
39. Time to write and post blog
40. Sunday services and freedom to praise and worship
41. My bed, pillows, blanket and a good night sleep
42. Good health. No bargains!
43. My journal and pen
44. Toothbrush, floss, mouthwash and dentist
45. Friends and sisters in Christ
46. Slippers, flip-flops, comfy flat sandals
47. Rx 93.1, never fails to wake me up and make me smile
48. Antihistamines :) AR go away!
49. My feet and legs, takes me where I want to go
50. Water! The most essential element to life

There you go... Feel free to add your own reason to celebrate life with gratitude and together let's discover the power of a grateful heart :)


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