Movie: Like Stars on Earth, Every Child is Special

Starring, directed and produced by my favorite Indian actor of all time, Aamir Khan, "Like Stars on Earth" features the life and frustrations of an eight year old boy named Ishaan Awashti (Darsheel Safary), who is artistically talented but struggles to live a normal life and hardly survive in a regular school because of dyslexia. And how his life turned around when he met his art teacher Nikhumbh (Aamir Khan) who happens to have dyslexia as well but strive out of it. The movie is a certified heart-breaker, eye-opener and genuinely inspirational.

Here are some of the quotes I loved in the movie:

Every child has his own capabilities, his own desires, his own dreams.

To show you that there have been such gems amongst us who have change the course of the world because they could look at the world differently. their thinking was out of the box and not everyone understood them. They were ridiculed. But despite that, they persevered and the world applauded them.

But every child has his own talent.

If you want to win competitions, then breed race horses damn it! Don't have kids!

Who wants a cynic who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing?  --Oscar Wilde

Knowledge is knowledge, oral or written.

Caring. It's very important, Mr Awasthi. It has the power to heal. Like a balm that soothes pain. The child feels reassured that someone cared for him. An occasional hug, a loving kiss. Just to show that I really care. 'My child, I love you. If you have any troubles, come to me. So what if you slipped, messed up? I'm there for you.' That's assurance. Caring.

Story of the Solomon Islands
On the Solomon islands, when the tribes need to clear the jungle to make way for their fields, they don't cut down the trees, they simply gather and collect around it, and hurl abuses at the tree, they curse it. Slowly but surely, after some days the tress begins to wither. It dies on its own.


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