Friday, March 29, 2013

God is Unfair!

There are certain moments in our life when we face trials that are bigger than what we think we could handle and sometimes resort to asking, 'Why me Lord? It's not fair!'

Tragedies... Abused children... Poverty... Unfulfilled dreams... Broken marriages... Dysfunctional family... Unrecognized work... Terminal illness... Lost loved one... Sometimes leads us to say, 'God is unfair!'

You know what, you're right. God is so not fair! Because if He had been fair enough then we all deserve to die.
"for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" --Romans 3:23
"the wages of sin is death..." --Romans 6:23
But thanked goodness He is not fair.
“For God so loved the world, that Hgave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." --John 3:16 
He made a way for us His puny creation to be with Him even if it means sacrificing His only Son. He didn't even need to do that as far as 'fairness' is concerned. But He chose to be unfair and gracious at the same time, because He loved us so much.
All for love the Father gave 
For only love could make a way

I am sorry Lord for causing You so much pain to redeem me. I am sorry for the cruel torture and flogging You willingly took in my place. I am very sorry for the mockery and spit thrown in your face.

Thank You that in spite of my despicable character You still chose to love me. Thank You for Your sacrifices in the cross, even though I don't deserve it. Thank You for Your abounding grace and mercy to all mankind. Thank You for being patient with me.

Oh how many times have I broken Your heart
But still You forgive if only I ask

I imagine Jesus' words that echoes in eternity through the cross,
'Your life for My life. My child, you are worth dying for.'  

Kain-Lupa Moments

Have you ever done this, said that and immediately wanted to revert things back hoping you can undo things as simple as hitting backspace or Ctrl+Z from your keyboard. Well life is more complicated than that, our words, actions makes it more subtle and time adds perplexity to it.

Here's some true-to-life accounts of "kain-lupa" moments where we hope we can turn back time to rescue ourselves from what we've said or else be eaten whole by the ground and just disappear.

    On our way to buy food:
     Guy officemate: Si (Celebraity A) daw bakla ah.
     Me and the other girls: Okay lang.
     Guy officemate: Si (Celebraity B) daw bakla.
     Me and the other girls: Okay lang.
     Guy officemate: Si (Celebraity C) daw bakla. 
     Me and the other girls: Hindi ahh!!!
     Girl officemate: OO hindi bakla yun!!! May takot sa Diyos yun! 
     Gay officemate: So ako walang takot?!
     Dead air

    While waiting for the elevator with a new colleague who obviously looks chinese and have a chinese  name:
     Me: (trying to start small talk) Chinese ka?
     Guy: Smile (but I knew in his bubble thought, "di ba obvious?!")

    After taking shower in the locker room as my Filipino friend is waiting for her turn to be able to get her stuff in the locker:
     Friend: (in her towel) Siguro uwi na lang akong ganito no? (while the Chinese looking-girl in front her takes a while fixing her things in her locker which is just below my friend's locker)
     Me: Lol'ed pwede naman 
     Girl: Sorry ha ( as she closed the locker )
     Me: Facepalm 

Yes they could be funny but seriously beyond impulsive. What's important is we learned from those moments and be more thoughtful next time.

I would be glad to hear your version of "kain-lupa" moments :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why Live As If?

We worship the Lord on Sundays but spend the weekdays as if there is no God.
We celebrate Christmas day but act as as if our Saviour was not born.
          We worship the Lord on Sundays but spend the weekdays as if there is no God.
We remember Palm Sundays the "triumphal entry" of Jesus in Jerusalem but we face the world as if we are defeated.
We mourn on Black Saturdays but live as if Jesus has not risen.
We believe in Resurrection Sunday but make lousy decisions as if Christ is not coming back.

God is real. That's the truth. Whether we believe it or not, doesn't change the truth.

Today during our Palm Sunday service at CCF, Singapore I was reminded that God has immensely blessed us more than life and material gain. He blessed us with His son Jesus Christ who takes away our sins. He blessed us with His Holy presence that gives us hope to remain faithful. That only by God's grace can we come to Him in praise and worship, in solitude and humility. This is an open invitation not to selected few but to ALL humanity. God awaits for us to respond to His invitation. If we make that decision to come to Him, we would surely take portion of His joy, peace and contentment the world cannot offer.

God is our redemption. He is more than enough.

Have a meaningful Lenten season ahead!

Friday, March 8, 2013

In my Fantasy World...

Oftentimes we limit our abilities by the way we think. While our powerful mind can conceive the most impossible, creative and infinite thoughts, we sometimes prevent it from reality because the left brain tries to put logic on it. Whatever is the case, our minds have limitless potential. That's a good news. The better news is we can take advantage of it.

Our imagination gives us infinite freedom that even the universe cannot muzzle.

In this post, I compiled some of the unimaginable but at the same time "creative" ideas I thought of. Some you may find absurd but its a good manifestation that our brain is at least working. So here it goes,

In my fantasy world ...
Girl's monthly cycle still happens once a month but will be discharged like a poop. One time. Period.
All body discharge will have a name tag on it. Imagine a fart you release will have a gaseous name label, so no one can deny.
Once two persons agreed, one fat and one super slim, they could exchange muscles or fats to complement each other. No need for surgery, they just need to agree on the contract.
All girls have long legs, slim physique and stands not lower that 5'6'' Barbie world? :D
Money is not an object. People choose profession he loves to do. Man works for passion and not for money. 
People can talk to animals, trees, mountains, bodies of water, plants and know how they feel, what are their thoughts. 
How about you, what do you see in your fantasy world?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be Still

Living in a foreign land away from your family sometimes makes you do weird things you don't usually do. Basically to fight one of the strongest opponent of being alone. Boredom!

So off I find myself enrolling in a yoga class, which never slips even in my wildest dream. My first experience was remarkable in good and bad way. We were contained in a heated room approximately 37-39 degrees Celsius. For an hour! Surely I was sweating just by standing inside the room. But of course we are expected to follow around 15 routines being executed by our Indian instructor. I was able to imitate some, not with the perfect posture, I know! I couldn't vouch for that. Hey, I am a beginner. A little consideration here.

We did some of the basic yoga poses like cobra, plank, down facing dog and forward fold which are now becoming more familiar to me.

Image taken from

I like the cool down portion where you basically lie down on the floor facing the ceiling. I think good at it. :D Like who isn't? (giggles)

But more than trying hard and sweating like I've met my weekly sweat quota, if there's one thing I take home that night.... that would be to learn to be still. Not only with your body but most importantly with your heart and soul. To set aside a moment of being quiet regularly. To be able to hear yourself more. Allowing your body to communicate with your mind and heart. That in spite of all the deadlines, tasks, problems and chaos around, it's essential to spend quiet time not only with yourself, but most importantly with God.

I may started attending yoga with a lousy motivation but I ended up seeing it in a different way. Light bulb! And also I appreciate breathing more than before. :)

In case you're interested, you can find below contact of True Yoga or go to their website for more details.

Ocean Financial Center

Telephone+65 6536 3390
Address10 Collyer Quay, Level 4, Ocean Financial Centre,
Singapore 049315.

Pacific Plaza

Telephone+65 6733 9555
Address9 Scotts Road, Level 4, Pacific Plaza,
Singapore 228210.