In my Fantasy World...

Oftentimes we limit our abilities by the way we think. While our powerful mind can conceive the most impossible, creative and infinite thoughts, we sometimes prevent it from reality because the left brain tries to put logic on it. Whatever is the case, our minds have limitless potential. That's a good news. The better news is we can take advantage of it.

Our imagination gives us infinite freedom that even the universe cannot muzzle.

In this post, I compiled some of the unimaginable but at the same time "creative" ideas I thought of. Some you may find absurd but its a good manifestation that our brain is at least working. So here it goes,

In my fantasy world ...
Girl's monthly cycle still happens once a month but will be discharged like a poop. One time. Period.
All body discharge will have a name tag on it. Imagine a fart you release will have a gaseous name label, so no one can deny.
Once two persons agreed, one fat and one super slim, they could exchange muscles or fats to complement each other. No need for surgery, they just need to agree on the contract.
All girls have long legs, slim physique and stands not lower that 5'6'' Barbie world? :D
Money is not an object. People choose profession he loves to do. Man works for passion and not for money. 
People can talk to animals, trees, mountains, bodies of water, plants and know how they feel, what are their thoughts. 
How about you, what do you see in your fantasy world?


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