Kain-Lupa Moments

Have you ever done this, said that and immediately wanted to revert things back hoping you can undo things as simple as hitting backspace or Ctrl+Z from your keyboard. Well life is more complicated than that, our words, actions makes it more subtle and time adds perplexity to it.

Here's some true-to-life accounts of "kain-lupa" moments where we hope we can turn back time to rescue ourselves from what we've said or else be eaten whole by the ground and just disappear.

    On our way to buy food:
     Guy officemate: Si (Celebraity A) daw bakla ah.
     Me and the other girls: Okay lang.
     Guy officemate: Si (Celebraity B) daw bakla.
     Me and the other girls: Okay lang.
     Guy officemate: Si (Celebraity C) daw bakla. 
     Me and the other girls: Hindi ahh!!!
     Girl officemate: OO hindi bakla yun!!! May takot sa Diyos yun! 
     Gay officemate: So ako walang takot?!
     Dead air

    While waiting for the elevator with a new colleague who obviously looks chinese and have a chinese  name:
     Me: (trying to start small talk) Chinese ka?
     Guy: Smile (but I knew in his bubble thought, "di ba obvious?!")

    After taking shower in the locker room as my Filipino friend is waiting for her turn to be able to get her stuff in the locker:
     Friend: (in her towel) Siguro uwi na lang akong ganito no? (while the Chinese looking-girl in front her takes a while fixing her things in her locker which is just below my friend's locker)
     Me: Lol'ed pwede naman 
     Girl: Sorry ha ( as she closed the locker )
     Me: Facepalm 

Yes they could be funny but seriously beyond impulsive. What's important is we learned from those moments and be more thoughtful next time.

I would be glad to hear your version of "kain-lupa" moments :)


Lemaire said…
Bwahahahah! nice one Girlie..
Naalala ko tuloy si Scoobie Doo..=D
James said…
you remembered lol :-)
GiRLie said…
omg! i need to include that! :))
Erlyn said…
paging Marvin ikaw ang pinakamadaming kain-lupa moment... remember :-)

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