Be Still

Living in a foreign land away from your family sometimes makes you do weird things you don't usually do. Basically to fight one of the strongest opponent of being alone. Boredom!

So off I find myself enrolling in a yoga class, which never slips even in my wildest dream. My first experience was remarkable in good and bad way. We were contained in a heated room approximately 37-39 degrees Celsius. For an hour! Surely I was sweating just by standing inside the room. But of course we are expected to follow around 15 routines being executed by our Indian instructor. I was able to imitate some, not with the perfect posture, I know! I couldn't vouch for that. Hey, I am a beginner. A little consideration here.

We did some of the basic yoga poses like cobra, plank, down facing dog and forward fold which are now becoming more familiar to me.

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I like the cool down portion where you basically lie down on the floor facing the ceiling. I think good at it. :D Like who isn't? (giggles)

But more than trying hard and sweating like I've met my weekly sweat quota, if there's one thing I take home that night.... that would be to learn to be still. Not only with your body but most importantly with your heart and soul. To set aside a moment of being quiet regularly. To be able to hear yourself more. Allowing your body to communicate with your mind and heart. That in spite of all the deadlines, tasks, problems and chaos around, it's essential to spend quiet time not only with yourself, but most importantly with God.

I may started attending yoga with a lousy motivation but I ended up seeing it in a different way. Light bulb! And also I appreciate breathing more than before. :)

In case you're interested, you can find below contact of True Yoga or go to their website for more details.

Ocean Financial Center

Telephone+65 6536 3390
Address10 Collyer Quay, Level 4, Ocean Financial Centre,
Singapore 049315.

Pacific Plaza

Telephone+65 6733 9555
Address9 Scotts Road, Level 4, Pacific Plaza,
Singapore 228210.


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