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CCF: Be the Church

What makes a church a church? Is it the building or the pews? Have you ever wondered whether the churches of the first century were significantly behind or better than the churches we have today? What can we possibly learn from the churches of the past?
We have learned in the past chapters of the books of Acts the following characteristics about the church of Antioch and the Middle East: 1.They have their own leadership 2.There is always more than one Pastor 3.Every member shares the Good News with others 4.The Church sends out missionaries 5.The missionaries come from among the church leadership
In Acts chapter 13, the Holy Spirit commissioned the disciples – Paul and Barnabas to set forth and spread the Word. In the same way, God also blessed the church of Antioch for sending them. While the blessing come to those who went, there is also blessing for the ones who sent them.
When you take away the church leadership to do something else that fulfills their calling by the Spirit of God, other …

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