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How did the Apostles of Jesus Christ Died?

There are many good reasons to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But the one of the most coherent(for me) is the transformation of his apostles. After the crucifixion and death of Jesus, the apostles were terrified and felt defeated in fact they were all hiding. Why not? Their world fall apart - the Messiah whom they believed can restore their land from the Roman empire was dead. But of course we know the twist of the story for three days after,  Jesus fulfilled His promise he came back to life and defeated death. Their first hand experience with resurrected Jesus gave them courage to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth and perseverance in their faith until death. 
Do you wonder how Jesus' apostles died? Here's a rundown of the accounts of the death and relics of Jesus' Christ disciples according to historical facts.

1. JAMES, son of Zebedee
He was executed by Herod Agrippa before the day of Passover around 44 AD or 11 years after the death of Jesu Christ…

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