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Seven Reasons Why You Should Not Climb Mount Kinabalu

By far, climbing Mount Kinabalu is one of the most strenuous venture I put myself into this year.
Do I regret it? No! Do I recommend it to my friends? Maybe no! If you are not prepared, its either you hate the mountains or curse me. Every human being has their elements. If you're not the mountain type, this is a warning.

Here's seven reason why you should never ever consider climbing Mt. Kinabalu:

1. Enjoy sunrise, sunset and scenic views not everyone get to see
Reaching Laban Rata basecamp you get to savour sunset and breathtaking landscape. Braving the summit, you'll have a magical moment of sunrise(unless its foggy) reserved only for those with courageous heart.
What could be more beautiful than a rising sun peeking through the horizon as it grace the Earth with its first blaze of sunshine. Glorious!

2. Teach you persistence and humility
Once you start your ascend, there is no turning back. You press on and resolve to finish what you started.
Mountain peaks are mighty, th…

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