Thursday, October 16, 2008

Experience McDonald's EL Pueblo :)

Frankly, eating at fast food chains would be last on my options. I've worked on a well-known food chain during my college days and I saw how it works - yes its yummy but its not so healthy. I would even agree on the statement of one mother asking her child, "I don't understand why you're so used in eating this crap(fast food products)?"

But here comes however thing, McDonald's El Pueblo makes a difference... its not because of the food though... Aside from the cozy place + they're one of the few McDonald's outlets that serves milk shakes(yum yum...) + their wifi facility which will make you hang out often at their store, I'm very impressed by their guard... The man in his late 40's (i guess) would courteously greet you with an all-out smile - very convincing... and accommodates you all through out. I would never forget his words to us, "Good afternoon mam, welcome to McDonald's, good choice ma'am, good choice." :D See how convince this man is, thinking he's working on the best fast food chain in the country. And on our way out, he never missed to thanked us... His perky and welcoming spirit makes us enjoy the food more than its taste...

And just lately I've been hearing same feedback from my colleagues and friends who also tried McDonald's El Pueblo... Makes me more convinced that he's more than just a guard, i think he ownes the business. (lol)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


RA9504 - This new law will exempt minimum wage earners from paying income tax, increasing tax exemption for all earners and additional exemptions for individuals with dependents/children.

Important things you need to know:

1. Anyone earning at least the minimum wage in his/her region will not pay income tax

2. Exemption extends to overtime pay, holiday pay, night shift differential and hazard pay of minimum wage earners only

3. RA 9504 grants a P50,000 tax exemption regardless of status. (Single/Married/Head of the family)

"Sec 4. Section 35 (A) and (B) of Republic Act 8424, as amended otherwise known as the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, is hereby amended to read as follows:
SEC 35. Allowance of Personal Exemption
(A) In General - For purposes of determining the tax provided in Section 24 (A) of this Title, there should be allowed a basic personal exemption [as follows:] AMOUNTING TO FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (50,000) FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYER. "

4. The new law increases the exception to P25,000 per child maximum of 4 children.

" (B) Additional Exemption for Dependents - There shall be allowed an additional exemption of [Eight Thousand Pesos(8,000)] TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (25,000) for each dependent not exceeding four(4). "

5. RA8424 Chapter 3 Section 24:

“The tax shall be computed in accordance with and at the rates established in the following schedule:

“Not over P10,000 –> 5%

“Over P10,000 but not over P30,000 –> P500+10% of the excess over P10,000

“Over P30,000 but not over P70,000 –> P2,500+15% of the excess over P30,000

“Over P70,000 but not over P140,000 –> P8,500+20% of the excess over P70,000

“Over P140,000 but not over P250,000 –> P22,500+25% of the excess over P140,000

“Over P250,000 but not over P500,000 –> P50,000+30% of the excess over P250,000

“Over P500,000 –> P125,000+34% of the excess over P500,000 in 1998

Dig in and download the draft here (via Scribd)

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