Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ten Reasons Why I Run a Marathon

While some people can find dozen of reasons not to run a full marathon which may seem valid, there are few good reasons why it's worth a try. With proper training and preparation, you can make your first marathon experience pleasant and optimal with less body pain and hopefully no injuries.

Here are ten reasons on top of my head right now why I am choosing to run my first 42.195km in #SCMS2016 marathon this coming December 4, 2016.

1. To tick 'run a marathon' off from my bucket list

2. To have a stronger heart
Running makes your heart stronger and healthier because it gets bigger and able to pump more.
Cardiovascular activity increases the number of new blood vessels, which means more places for blood flow that leads to more efficient circulation. Running also helps lower high blood pressure, improves your blood sugar levels, reduce bad cholesterol and boost LDL "good" cholesterol.

3. For a challenge BIGGER than me
When I run my first 5km in 2009, running 10km never slip my mind. But I was wrong, a year after I found myself running my first 10km which was followed by bunch of 10km runs. Flying to Singapore makes it more viral where there are almost 40 running events yearly hosted by the country that means minimum of 3 opportunities to run every month. After running my first 21km in 2015, I gained more confidence that I could eventually run my first full marathon maybe next year. Sure I needed more push, more training and less procrastination. Thanks to Visa running club and Rocky(our trainor) who have always been passionate in training and running.

4. To keep me disciplined
Running a marathon does not begin in the starting line of the actual event. Running a full marathon begun when you first decided in your mind and heart that you will do it. This should be followed by a rigorous training plan, proper nutrition and constant reminding of yourself that you need to get up, put those running shoes on and run.

5. To prove others who doubted me(including myself) that I can do it

6. For a good night sleep
Running 5-10 kilometers never fails to provide me a sound sleep as I allow my muscles and body to recover over night.

7. To have guilt-free dinners and desserts
One of the best reasons why I run and will continue running. Running allows me to indulge in those sinful, decadent, guilty and divine food once in a while without feeling remorse to myself.

8. So I could encourage my kids(in future) for whatever undertaking they'll have. 
"Sweetheart, sure you can do it, mom did marathon in the past and finish it."

9. To give back 
Organization like GiveAsia together with marathon events(like Standard Chartered) allows you to select charities that you want to support. I share advocacy with Singapore Red Cross and World Vision, you can check my Run for a Cause page through this link.

As this is my first time to run full marathon, I wanted to make a difference by not just finishing the race but dedicating this run to organizations who have big hearts changing the world.
More than just a bucket list moment SCMS2016 is a moment worthwhile for others. A moment of giving back. A moment of change.

Hence this is my simple way of restoring humanity.

10. To learn about my body, its capacity and limitations.
Training and running for a marathon enabled me to discover strength, endurance and determination I never knew I had before.

"Ordinary people know their limits, marathoners push theirs."

Before and aftermath of #SCMS2016 :D
All praises to God! The author of life and my ultimate source of strength!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Doppelganger Moments with Kathy

Research says that finding your doppelganger is one in a trillion chance, that's way far from the actual population we have -- more than 7.4 billion people(and counting) living on planet earth according to this site. Although this study is close to impossible, there are few lucky people who beats the odd and find their real-life look-alike.

Adopted from German word Doppelgänger, consisting of two words Doppel meaning double and Gänger which means walker or goer. Literally it means double of a living person. While fiction portrays doppelganger as paranormal phenomenon, today the word is generally use to describe any person who physically resembles to another person.

Unimaginable as it it can be, I have found my real-life doppelganger in workplace. Personally did not notice the resemblance, it was my close friends who first saw Kathy and told me I have a look-alike in other department. Few weeks later I finally met her, who happen to be Filipino as well and realize we're attending the same church. This doppelganger wonder between me and Kathy became more substantial when overtime more and more people are mistakenly identifying me over her and vice versa, both in church and in the office.

To name a few, here are some of the funny and awkward circumstances that other people wrongly identified us:

** One Sunday, one guy called Kathy with my name, where she answered her name to correct him, this name-calling-game happened twice and consistently Kathy gives her name. Baffled, the guy even ask why we look the same.
** Same Sunday, one girl from Children's ministry(where I am volunteering) called Kathy with my name and thought I was her.
** Different occasion, while I am having lunch with mixed group of men and ladies in my small group. I was introduced to a guy, who is puzzled that I am part of CBD group when he recall that I am the one who introduced him to a certain girl whom I don't recognize. After lunch, I immediately message Kathy if she knew that name and confirmed she was part of their group. This confirmed my assumption that she mistakenly identified me with Kathy.

** While road runner team doing the mannequin challenge shoot, we we're reviewing the video and as the camera pan to Kathy, the man beside me commented "Ooh that is the Girlie post, where is she?" I answered, "Uhmm that is Kathy."
** One guy is asking me about blister tape which I agreed to bring to show him in our Tuesday running session. Kathy arrive early and this same guy approach her asking about the tape. Kathy was lost answering about the tape, thankfully one guy corrected she was not Girlie.
** During badminton, one guy approached me telling me he saw pictures of mine travelling with a girl named Cristine(who happen to be his former colleague) whom I am not familiar with. He even showed me the profile pic of the girl, still no recall in my side. That night I message Kathy if she knew some Cristine, Kathy confirmed it was her housemate whom she had travelled with.
** Kathy bump into a colleague whom she greeted "long time no see" but the girl replied she just saw her yesterday in badminton. Kathy has never played badminton during Mondays for long time, I do.
** One girl saw Kathy in 11F after some chit chat she mentioned she thought Kathy sit in 8F because she used to saw her there. Kathy persists she never sit in 8th. Oh yeah because again I do.    

We were teasing we will both wear a name plate next time. Just in case you're still skeptical here's a photo of me and Kathy. By the way the eyeglasses is a give away so you would know who is who :P


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Indonesia: Water Rafting at Ayung River

Today we are about to crack the famous tourist attraction and an adventurous outdoor activity here in Bali - white water rafting! Yey! We have arranged with our tourguide / driver for an early pick up from our hotel around 7:30 am-ish then travelled more than two hours to reach the Payung Rafting in Ubud.

Ayung River is the longest river on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Flowing from the northern mountain ranges all the way to Badung Strait, Sanur near Denpasar which is 75km stretch.

All geared up! Now where is the raft? :D

Our white water rafting experience starts with gearing up on helmet and lifeguard jacket. Personal belongings like mobile phones, cash and camera are then kept in a water proof bag for safety. We kickoff by descending in the endless hefty-step stairs that takes forever to reach the bottom. Mind you its steep and slippery so you need to be extra careful. After a tiring downhill workout, finally we can hear the splash of the flowing river. The yellow-colored rafts were carefully docked in the side of the river, and after inflating it our guide brief us with things we need to remember during the drill. Instruction keywords like "boom boom" which means 'sit low and hold the rope, we are approaching a fast rapid' (that is just me paraphrasing), "left", "right", "shake your bum", "abante" and "atras," wherein the last two words are both Tagalog terminology which means forward and back respectively. One thing I am amazed about our guide, the moment he realized we are from the Philippines, he talked about PacMan the boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao. Looks like someone cannot hide his inner fanboy (wink, wink).

While it took us almost two hours to traverse this 12km body of water approaching rapids in different levels of difficulty or should I say excitement, the experience was worth all the muscles and energy you put into the paddle to navigate the stream. Ayung river features wild rainforest and impressive waterfalls.

We paid 35SGD/pax all-in for the entire rafting package including the gears, fee for the guide, towels and a buffet lunch after. Not bad huh!

For more details and reservation you may inquire at Payung Rafting with the contact details available in the right banner image.