Thursday, May 28, 2009

Razon's Arrozcaldo

Indulge your taste buds in this delicious treat from Razon's.
Rice porridge cooked in its perfect thick texture; topped with chopped scallions, crispy garlic, hard boiled egg and flavored chicken.

Eating a bowl of their arrozcaldo... makes me feel hot! :D haha

Monday, May 25, 2009

Crawling cockroaches, yiiikes

Monday night, I was disturbed by a bad dream where cockroaches are crawling all over our house in QC.

Out of curiosity, I tried to check from Dream moods what this means... Only to find out...


To see a cockroach in your dream, signifies your need for renewal, rejuvenation and self-cleansing of your psychological, emotional, or spiritual being. You need to reevaluate major aspects of your life.

Now I figured... Are my dreams psychological or are they signs? Sigh...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just another manic monday!

Time in --> 10:27:21 AM, 2009-05-25... which means I'm 27 minutes late... Arrrrghh...

No breakfast
Left my wallet @home, so I needed to go back
Hot and furious Mr. Sun
Haven't listened to RX93.1 - Chico and Del's Morning Rush
Heavy traffic in EDSA

Hayz... What a day to start the week...
Looking forward for a brighter days ahead...
Removing negative energies...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watch Disney's "Earth"

Earth follows the remarkable story of three animal families - a mother polar bear and her cubs in the Arctic, a family of elephants on the edges of the Kalahari desert and a humpback whale and her calf as they undertake a 6,500-km. migration.

Honestly, I haven't seen it yet but I'll recommend watching it. Here's the catch, Disney pledged that for every ticket sold, the company will plant a tree. Definitely a Win-Win not only for you and me but for the next in line.

Let's go and catch this adventure, documentary file and help save the planet.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Emotion-All You Can! Yum yum

I'm having a roller coaster of emotion this past days... discouraged, sad, tensed, happy and exciting... If my feelings were food its like a buffet table, everything is served...

Let's start our meal with an appetizer. Last Sunday, Kat a former church mate and close friend of mine, texted us to inform that her dad passed away last Saturday due to diabetes and its complications. In spite of her darkest moment, Kat was still able to encouraged us. I was so amazed how God prepared Kat and her family for this. A year ago, Kat took the leap of faith to move to a new church and found a discipleship group that mentored her. Slowly shared the gospel to her family and now she is leading her own Dgroup and I was so blessed on how she matured in her Christian walk. And like Kat, I am at peace that her dad accepted Jesus before he passed away.

Moving to our main course. Still last Sunday, we @sunday school 3pm service had jitters when a 4-year old kid had escaped from his class. The mom was hysterical on what happened(I know, I can't blame her). Eventually the teacher found the boy playing in the band room and quickly returned him to his parents. We apologized to the parents and assure them to improve our service to avoid such incidence to happen again. We are grateful that the father accepted it... However after few minutes the mother came to the office, calling the attention of our level servant. It was reported that the boy throw and damaged some stuff in the band room(where the kid was found) so they demanded that the parents be called for an explanation. But instead of asking for apologies on their son's behavior, the mother raised the issue that it all happen because the boy was lost and again put the blame on the teachers... [ Sigh ] I found this so unfair... we did acknowledged our mistake in loosing the boy, and we apologized for that, but for his bad behavior... doesn't it reflect on how the kid was raised by his parents? Was he not taught that throwing and destroying things of others is a No No? Anyhow I just hoped that this would be an honest evaluation and learning curve not only for us but also for the parents.

Finally, for dessert. Dave Hunt, a member of the official Selenium Documentation Team found my post on Creating Firefox Profile for your Selenium RC tests useful and invited me to be part of the Selenium Documentation Team Cool!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is your marriage Fireproof?

Ever heard of married couple separating? Sure you do and so am I...

But it only comes to our senses when it happens to someone close to us. A very close friend of mine is currently going through such tough times. She is a high school friend, gorgeous and smart girl... who came from a descent family... the only daughter of her kind and loving dad... And for crying out loud, I can't grasp how her husband was able to abandon her and their children...

But it's reality friend and we can't run away from it. If your husband leaves you behind together with the all the responsibility of raising your kids... how do we respond to that?

Sigh... Last weekend, I watched "Fireproof" a story of a married couple(Caleb and Catherine Hold) struggling in their relationship. Just like any other couples in America, they too almost drop it off. But thanks to the insight and guidance of Caleb's father who challenge him to hold the divorce for another 40 days. It took courage, obedience and patience for Caleb to carry out whatever is written in the journal called "The Love Dare" which is given by his father. And in the peak of hopelessness in saving their marriage where he already gave up. He found the greatest encouragement a man could ever have... That is entrusting his life and marriage to God. Though the dispute didn't end right there and then, Caleb understood that he is no longer saving the marriage for his own gain. Neither doing it on his own might.

"You don't leave a partner, especially on fire" -- Fireproof

We really can't be sure of it all... Marriage doesn't guarantee a happily ever after ending, even kids doesn't exempt you from broken marriages... It's only until we established our relationships under God's favor.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

SonHarvest - SG 9

How can I forget the opportunity to be part of the lives of these special and wonderful kids that was entrusted to me...

No less then the fun and jolly small group # 9: (left-right,standing) Jason, Jira, Arkeo, CK, Eli, Angel, Hannah, Teacher Girlie,(seated) Mai-mai. Yan-yan and Raine... Definitely a statement of God's love and faithfullness.

We may started as strangers on Day 1 but ended inseparable on Day 3...

I still remember Jason and Hannah as the timid type of kid, but wow after few sessions, Jason seem to get out of his shell and participate "actively" (for teachers they knew what I meant active here, wink)... while Hannah becoming open and sweet... and I loved it. Mai-mai, Yan-yan - very mature, fine and behaved kids, who acts as "ate" within the group. And what can I say with Angel and CK, kids who were brave and caring enough to share their talents in the group... While Arkeo and Eli being on the playful side, they'd become very active and helpful during our small group lessons and in beating the amazing race challenges... Lastly Jira and Raine who are very thoughtful and sweet kids, who never fail to express their genuine kindness to the group unconsciously... I remember during lunch time, where I was late to take my food, I came in our table where almost all the kids are done with their plate, I told them they can go back to the dorm and start packing up their things. Raine almost ready to leave, return to the table and told me, "Teacher, okay ka lang ba dyan? Gusto mo samahan kita" Ohhhh, very heartwarming... that in her young age she already developed concern and thoughtfulness to others.

I'm very blessed that the Lord gave me this extraordinary adventure... our encounter with them may only took a short time, but I do hope and pray that the seeds that we planted in their heart will be nurtured and grow making them the person that the Lord wants them to be. God bless you kids!