Emotion-All You Can! Yum yum

I'm having a roller coaster of emotion this past days... discouraged, sad, tensed, happy and exciting... If my feelings were food its like a buffet table, everything is served...

Let's start our meal with an appetizer. Last Sunday, Kat a former church mate and close friend of mine, texted us to inform that her dad passed away last Saturday due to diabetes and its complications. In spite of her darkest moment, Kat was still able to encouraged us. I was so amazed how God prepared Kat and her family for this. A year ago, Kat took the leap of faith to move to a new church and found a discipleship group that mentored her. Slowly shared the gospel to her family and now she is leading her own Dgroup and I was so blessed on how she matured in her Christian walk. And like Kat, I am at peace that her dad accepted Jesus before he passed away.

Moving to our main course. Still last Sunday, we @sunday school 3pm service had jitters when a 4-year old kid had escaped from his class. The mom was hysterical on what happened(I know, I can't blame her). Eventually the teacher found the boy playing in the band room and quickly returned him to his parents. We apologized to the parents and assure them to improve our service to avoid such incidence to happen again. We are grateful that the father accepted it... However after few minutes the mother came to the office, calling the attention of our level servant. It was reported that the boy throw and damaged some stuff in the band room(where the kid was found) so they demanded that the parents be called for an explanation. But instead of asking for apologies on their son's behavior, the mother raised the issue that it all happen because the boy was lost and again put the blame on the teachers... [ Sigh ] I found this so unfair... we did acknowledged our mistake in loosing the boy, and we apologized for that, but for his bad behavior... doesn't it reflect on how the kid was raised by his parents? Was he not taught that throwing and destroying things of others is a No No? Anyhow I just hoped that this would be an honest evaluation and learning curve not only for us but also for the parents.

Finally, for dessert. Dave Hunt, a member of the official Selenium Documentation Team found my post on Creating Firefox Profile for your Selenium RC tests useful and invited me to be part of the Selenium Documentation Team Cool!


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