SonHarvest - SG 9

How can I forget the opportunity to be part of the lives of these special and wonderful kids that was entrusted to me...

No less then the fun and jolly small group # 9: (left-right,standing) Jason, Jira, Arkeo, CK, Eli, Angel, Hannah, Teacher Girlie,(seated) Mai-mai. Yan-yan and Raine... Definitely a statement of God's love and faithfullness.

We may started as strangers on Day 1 but ended inseparable on Day 3...

I still remember Jason and Hannah as the timid type of kid, but wow after few sessions, Jason seem to get out of his shell and participate "actively" (for teachers they knew what I meant active here, wink)... while Hannah becoming open and sweet... and I loved it. Mai-mai, Yan-yan - very mature, fine and behaved kids, who acts as "ate" within the group. And what can I say with Angel and CK, kids who were brave and caring enough to share their talents in the group... While Arkeo and Eli being on the playful side, they'd become very active and helpful during our small group lessons and in beating the amazing race challenges... Lastly Jira and Raine who are very thoughtful and sweet kids, who never fail to express their genuine kindness to the group unconsciously... I remember during lunch time, where I was late to take my food, I came in our table where almost all the kids are done with their plate, I told them they can go back to the dorm and start packing up their things. Raine almost ready to leave, return to the table and told me, "Teacher, okay ka lang ba dyan? Gusto mo samahan kita" Ohhhh, very heartwarming... that in her young age she already developed concern and thoughtfulness to others.

I'm very blessed that the Lord gave me this extraordinary adventure... our encounter with them may only took a short time, but I do hope and pray that the seeds that we planted in their heart will be nurtured and grow making them the person that the Lord wants them to be. God bless you kids!


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