Is your marriage Fireproof?

Ever heard of married couple separating? Sure you do and so am I...

But it only comes to our senses when it happens to someone close to us. A very close friend of mine is currently going through such tough times. She is a high school friend, gorgeous and smart girl... who came from a descent family... the only daughter of her kind and loving dad... And for crying out loud, I can't grasp how her husband was able to abandon her and their children...

But it's reality friend and we can't run away from it. If your husband leaves you behind together with the all the responsibility of raising your kids... how do we respond to that?

Sigh... Last weekend, I watched "Fireproof" a story of a married couple(Caleb and Catherine Hold) struggling in their relationship. Just like any other couples in America, they too almost drop it off. But thanks to the insight and guidance of Caleb's father who challenge him to hold the divorce for another 40 days. It took courage, obedience and patience for Caleb to carry out whatever is written in the journal called "The Love Dare" which is given by his father. And in the peak of hopelessness in saving their marriage where he already gave up. He found the greatest encouragement a man could ever have... That is entrusting his life and marriage to God. Though the dispute didn't end right there and then, Caleb understood that he is no longer saving the marriage for his own gain. Neither doing it on his own might.

"You don't leave a partner, especially on fire" -- Fireproof

We really can't be sure of it all... Marriage doesn't guarantee a happily ever after ending, even kids doesn't exempt you from broken marriages... It's only until we established our relationships under God's favor.


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