Digiperm Experience @Tony and Jackey

Me and my friend Joan have been long planning to have our hair done, so we've decided to try Tony and Jackey's promo for my first time curls. We've searched for their branches, The Block at SM North is the most convenient place for us where we availed their Packaged D.

We came in at 12:00pm, first the Korean hairstylists examined our hairs and explained to us what kind of treatment will be done, which I think is a good start because you'll have an idea how much you'll be spending, by the way TnJ - The Block accepts CASH payments only I'm not sure with their other branches. Initially we planned to avail their PackageoB - Aqua setting and Digital Perming, but Filipina attendants there mentioned that this treatment is good only for untreated/virgin hairs, so we settled with their Package D - Loreal Extenso setting and Digital Perming. After we've agreed, they started us with shampoo and then haircut. I was a bit worried during the haircut, I felt that Jason, my Korean hairstylist was just cutting my hair wherever he wants :) After haircut, keratin treatment was done with a huge dome placed on top of my head for 15 minutes.

Perming medicine was then applied to my hair and covered my hair with plastic and placed me again under the huge dome for 20-30 minutes. Then they washed my hair and blow dried again. (see left picture below)

Slimenthol was then applied instead of the Arte herba manicure in preparation for the "octopus" session ( term "octopus" was just invented because I don't what it's called ). In this part, they split my hair in 12 portions, rolled it in curlers attached to a octopus-like machine for 13 minutes then another 3-5 minutes to cool down. (see right picture)

After removing my hair from the curlers and the "octopus" they attached hair clips/pins to hold the curls, then sprayed neutralizer to each curl. After 5-7 minutes, they removed all the pins and shampoo my hair for the third time.

Finally, they applied hair lotion, manually curled my hair with their fingers in several portions to set and then blow dry.

And whoala! My first ever curls :) loving it so far!


Anonymous said…
How was it after a month? Is it hard to manage?

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