John Q - you're the man!

a story of a struggling father(Denzel Washington) who in desperation find himself hostaging the emergency room staff and some patients of one hospital.

why did he do this? out of caring and selfless love... don't get me wrong i can see your eyebrows raised with a blurting question, "what's wrong with this man, and what the hell are you saying he's doing it out of love." We'll you heard me right... he did it in his desperation to save his dying son who needed a heart transplant... but because his insurance wont cover the charges and he was not able to raise enough money the doctors does not agree to operate... and this was the only hope he had...

he did not fear the police and the consequences of his actions... he did not fear even death because he was willing to die and give his own heart for his son...

just take it from the movie's tagline, "Give a father no options and you leave him no choice."

John Q - this really moved me... just in time for our celebration with Father's day... so to all the father, dad, daddy, papa, paps, pappy, tatang, itay, tay, tatay in the world... whatever we call him... you're the man dude!!! live on!!!


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