still standing...

Verse 1
You gave me courage to believe,

That all Your goodness I would see.

And if it had not been for You, standing on my side

Where would I be?

If not for your goodness, If not for your grace,

I don’t know where I would be today.

If not for your kindness, I never could say I’m still standing.

If not for your mercy, If not for your Love,

I most likely would have given up.

If not for your favour, I never could say I’m still standing,

But by the grace of God

Verse 2
To You I lift my offering, And set my heart on higher things.

For if it had not been for You, Standing on my side,

Where would I be?

** Who says christian music is dull and outdated... well try to listen to this song by clicking HERE and you'll have a brainwash... I first heard this song in our church and instantly i fell in love with it... it's my heart's song... the message of a grateful and humble heart in a fast and upbeat rhythm... indeed whatever we have, whoever we are now - we all owe it to God :D


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