SKS Books Warehouse

I first heard Reverend Edmund Chan (Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church in Singapore back thentalk in one of the Leadership Conference organized by Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) at St. Francis, Mandaluyong way back 2011. And boy this man is on fire! Insightful, humble, sincere and joyful. He is grounded by the Scripture and his passion for the Word of God is overwhelming. 

Now that I am in Singapore, the opportunity of grabbing Edmund Chan's books is just around the corner. Look who's excited? :)  

One rainy Saturday, the weather cannot hold me back in making this happen :) So off I went to SKS Books Warehouse, the only bookstore here in Singapore that carry Edmund Chan's book. Though the location was remote, since you need to walk 15-20 minutes from MRT Station, my sweat was all worthwhile. 

Not only did I get the 2 Growing Deep series, I was also entitled to a 10% discount as member after I purchased 50 sgd worth of books. #simplejoys

You have no idea how the place comforted me. I love staring at the pile of books neatly arranged in the shelves. I enjoyed walking in the hallway of books after books after books. I adored the creative cover designs in different sizes and color. I can live here forever ;))

Visit them and enjoy for yourself! ;)

SKS Books Warehouse
315 Outram Road, Tan Boon Liat Building, #09-03, S(169074)

Tel: 62279700
Fax: 62214595

Mon,Tue,Thurs,Fri & Sat: 0900hrs - 1900hrs
Weds: 0900hrs - 2000hrs
Sun: Closed


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