Pursuing Intimacy in His Presence

Another powerful, eloquent and sincere session with Rev. Edmund Chan in CCF's Leadership Conference last January, 2012 which I find worth sharing.

Four Myths of Intimacy

1. Intimacy is the key to blessing
Intimacy is not the key to blessing. Intimacy is the blessing. Let us not confuse ourselves with the means and ends. Intimacy is not the means, it is the ends.
2. Intimacy is a prize
Intimacy is neither earned not deserved. Intimacy is not a prize. Intimacy is an invitation from God not only for selected elites but for all humanity.
3. Intimacy is optional
Oftentimes, people wants a little bit of intimacy with God to be respectable but not enough to be revived radically. Respectability is the enemy of revival.
Intimacy is not optional, not incidental, not supplemental. Intimacy is fundamental.
4. Everyone experience intimacy the same way.
Different persons have different encounters and experiences of God.

I would not forget how Rev. Edmund Chan emphasized in his talk,
"You are blessed to be a blessing!"
Feeling tremendously blessed being part of this conference and every time I watch this video. I am intentionally posting this to share the joy I have to all readers who might drop by.

Watch the entire talk from this link. Hope you'll be blessed! :)


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