Isip-Bata: Tsinelas

one saturday, while playing with my niece aizel (2 years old, picture above), i tried to tease her by asking to give me her new pair of sandals... the footwear is kinda big for her so i told her it will perfectly fit me then it would be mine... (but obviously it's too small for me) however i insisted that it will fit me... our conversation goes like this:

tita girlie: di kasya sayo... anlaki... akin na kasya sakin yan... akin na lang yan...
aizel: ( hesitant to show the sandals ) di kasya sayo... maliit pa sayo toh (take note maliit pa daw sakin... :D)
tita girlie: hindi... kasya na sakin yan... akin na lang yan... bagay sakin yan eh...
aizel: maliit pa yan... pag natulog na to lalaki n siya tapos kasya n siya sayo di bah (pertaining to the sandals and convinced that it will eventually grow to fit me... hehehe)

well don't get shocked that's what her mom always tell her to convince her to sleep...... :P


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