Father's Love

This video did not just entertained me big time! While most of us noticed how adorable the 4 year-old little girl is, this also highlighted how amazing and compelling the love of the dad to his child. This video did not just recorded how the father tried to encourage his child from being too scared of the sounds of fireworks when going to sleep, by trying to distract the very charming and talented toddler as he grab her pink ukelele and sing with her. This video captured the loving heart of the father to his daughter. 

The way he looked at her child is like God's statement assuring each one of His child, 'It's fine honey, Daddy's here.' His boundless patience reminded me how my heavenly Father had been so gentle and forgiving with me, for not giving up on me in spite of the many times I disappointed Him. His joy singing with his child exhibits how in the same way our God takes pleasure in spending time with us, his children. 

This is a salute to all responsible earthly fathers who give their best in raising children entrusted to them and a great reminder of the unconditional love of our heavenly Father. 


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