When God Speaks

I don't consider myself a people person. Most of the time crowd intimidates me. Which is one of the reason why I tend to sit still in one corner, content to observe people and completely be satisfied with my quietness. For sometime I live in the adage, don't bug me and I will not bug you.

In spite of this hidden personality, I am blessed to have a handful of amazing people whom I already have the guts to come out of my shell. Wonderful friends who I became comfortable to be me. First thanks to God for bringing these guys in my life, second thanks to time for letting me make history and spend life with them.

So when the Single's Retreat was announced in our church, I must admit that I am skeptical to register and join the activity. Then I've known that convention starts on a Friday at 3:30pm, this gave me a seemingly valid cover up that I would not be able to join since our team already submitted our leaves for the current sprint we are working on and I haven't submitted one for this event. My mind convinces me, "You have a valid reason Girlie, it should be fine."

But during our discipleship group yesterday right after the Sunday worship service in CCF. My leader mentioned that other participants will be joining the retreat on later time of Friday, 8pm. My mind begin to panic, I am not prepared for anything to say in case my leader asks me if that setup works for me. At the end of our discussion, I still did not made any commitment to them whether I can go or not. But I made a commitment to God that I will pray about it. I even asked Him to give me clear sign that He really wanted me to be in that retreat, sorry if I am playing hard to get.

Sunday afternoon, on my way home while riding in a bus, I saw this gigantic McDonald's signage, where the word "Retreat" was shouting out loud to me.

But my mind persists to bargain, "This is not a valid sign Lord, yes its a sign literally. A signage! But it's not counted. Can you please give me a credible Bible verse(yeah that sound more spiritual and mature!) so I would know it's really from you." I can imagine God scratching His head and telling me, "You asked for a sign, I gave you one Girlie!" Thank God for His patience to one unyielding daughter like me.

This morning while doing my devotion, I checked YouVersion, a Bible application on mobile phone and saw this as verse for the day:
How lovely on the mountains
Are the feet of him who brings good news,
Who announces peace
And brings good news of happiness,
Who announces salvation,
And says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”  -- Isaiah 52:7
This time no more questioning. I heard you Lord, crystal clear. Positive! God wanted me to go to the retreat, spend time with Him in the mountain with great anticipation that He alone can give me  genuine peace, good news and happiness. But more than those perks I can have the opportunity to honor and worship the One true God. How cool is that! :D

Bottom line! When God speaks to you, yield! And expect great things to happen, because you have a great living God!


gray-shell said…
ang galing ni God how He speaks! at dahil jan, win win din for me friend!
hahahaha! amazing!
gray-shell said…
amazing tlg si God noh !
He's a very personal God...:D

win win tlg... buti nlng ndi pa tlg ko nag book specifically on that night.. hihihi.. WIn win!
GiRLie said…
Haha God's plans are purfect friend!
Mag pajama party kayo ng frend mo sa room natin :)

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