Bohol: Bohol Bee Farm

Farm... restaurant... resort... hotel... souvenir shop... cafe...

Our Bohol Bee Farm experience starts with a guided tour where our guide course us to their organic farm and made a short talk on culturing bees. We had a chance of seeing actual bees and their honey combs which gives me goosebumps :) We also got to meet Verme the worm :D

They also feature livelihood activities like basket weaving, crafts and raffia making where a lady taught us how to maneuver the wooden sewing machine to be able to make textiles out of raffia.

After the tour there are restaurants that can pamper your cravings. We opted to indulge ourselves with their healthy Malunggay ice cream in rice cone :)

Ooopps don't forget to buy cool items from their souvenir shop :)


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