Judges saved Jessica Sanchez @AI 2012 Top 7 Results

Honestly watching this video made me cry, more than once... I'm overwhelmed by the crowd's reaction, bewildered faces of the judges and her co-candidates when Ryan announced that Jessica Sanchez is the one at risk of leaving American Idol 2012 after the Top 7 performance.

Here are some of the moments that  blows me away:

1:07 - baffled face of the judges especially JLo
1:12, 1:44 - disbelief in Phillips' face

And my favorite?! When the judges walk on stage and approached Jessica as she did her final song.

Jennifer Lopez: Give me that mic! This is crazy!!!

Randy Jackson: We are saving Jessica without any doubt... This girl is one of the best singers in America ever. Are you kidding me? Please everybody please vote for the best! It's about finding the best! I mean come on!

After watching this video, how can you not vote for Jessica?! :D


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