D Secret of Lance Armstrong

America will never have a Lance Armstrong - who dazzled the whole world for winning 6 times in the Tour de France and until now continue to inspire and support cancer victims - without the encouragement and support brought to him by his mom Linda.

I read her book "No Mountain Too High" where she feature how she raised Lance and more importantly raised herself. Yes she may started  badly in life(when she got pregnant at 17 and had an unhealthy relationship with her husband) but because of her love for her child and her growing relationship with the Lord, she managed to slowly and carefully fix their lives. And Lance Armstrong is a living testimony of her efforts...

There are so many enlightening quotes which she shared in the book like, "Loving somebody is about what flows out of your heart, not what comes back." This could be a busted cliche all of us may know already, but hearing it from a person like Linda - daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend, employee - who may be just an ordinary person but is giving her extraordinary effort to love and care for her family and friends is indeed a statement. I also agree when she said, "Your job is what you do. Your career is who you are."

Lemme end with this quote i read somewhere that in every success of a man is woman. :D


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