Record Jmeter scripts through Badboy software

I've tried using the HTTP proxy server from the Jmeter GUI to record scripts of the web based application that I'm trying to load test. After setting the LAN configuration to my localhost and inputting the port, my application doesn't even launch in IE7 browser. At first I thought it was the end of it - I'm doomed... until I found some forum talking about recording scripts with the use of Badboy software.

And here's how I did it:

1. download Badboy software from
- another catch is this is FREE, latest release as of today is 2.0.5

2. open Badboy application

3. create a thread in 2 ways:
From the toolbox - right click a "Thread Control" icon then Add to Script OR drag the item to the Script tree
From the script tree - right click a step and convert to thread item

Using tread control you can specify the maximum number of threads and the number of threads per seconds depending on the load test that you want.

4. enter URL of the application you are about to test then start recording (By the way, recording is ON by default)
Now you can navigate on your application on the right side pane and Badboy will automatically record all your actions. You will notice that your actions creates respective nodes in the script tree which is the HTTP request counterpart in Jmeter.

5. stop recording when your done. Click File and select "Export to Jmeter" option, save the script in your Jmeter distribution folder, which is by default in Jmeter file (*.jmx) type.

Now this file can be opened using the Jmeter GUI and whalla!!! you have your scripts/HTTP request all you need to do some final touches like adding timers and some listeners for your result evaluation. :D


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