Hats off to Willy Wang - Filipino who won gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Wushu

Make wave to the Philippine Wushu national team for bringing home not only medals but pride to the Filipino people.

Though wushu is a demonstration sport and not included in the official events tally in the Olympics - well a gold is still a gold especially from Olympics.

Willy Wang won the gold medal in the combined events of men’s nanquan and nangun (bare fists). Together with Benjie Rivera and Mary Jane Estimar, who won bronze medals in the demonstration sport after they defeated their opening-phase opponents in men’s 56kg sanshou (combat) and 52kg sanshou events respectively.

Wang will receive P500,000 cash incentive from the First Gentleman Foundation on top of the cash incentive approved by the Philippines Sports Commision board. Which these guys greatly deserve...

By the way, if the Philippines Gold Medal was won in a regular Olympic event, the gold medalist would have received as much as P15 million approved by the PSC board. FYI.

Yes wushu is not an official Olympics event YET...


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