"National Humiliation Day" for China ?

National People’s Congress passed a law proclaiming an official "National Humiliation Day" for China. They’re looking at July 7 or September 18 but no official date was designated yet. This is to rekindle the Chinese nationalism especially among the youth - to remind them of the devastating foreign attacks in the early 19th century by Japan which is one of the darkest hours of China.

I like what lawmaker Jiang Jian said, “An outstanding nation is one that will always keep its history firmly in mind. We should never forget our compatriots who lost their lives in the war… Remembering this humiliating part of history will help Chinese people feel urged to safeguard peace and work hard for the rejuvenation of the nation”

Very well said… no wonder where the Chinese people are finding their moral values and determination to excel in everything.

And if China was described as the “sick man of east asia” way back in the early19th and late 20th century to belittle the Chinese people by the Japanese invaders during the World War II, I don’t think you’ll have the nerve to call them that way now, definitely no… not after the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


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