Life in MRT - conio girls

09-04-2008, 7:30am - MRT Quezon Avenue Station, >> as usual jam-packed ulit... but to make it more miserable - super sikip + this 2 conio girls who worked in call centers(based on their conversations) na walang ginawa kundi magreklamo ng magreklamo during the entire trip... its like they have a "say" to everything... comment to death...

"ang sikip... its like my bones are super squeeze,"
"someone's pushing me hard until I get inside without even walking on my own, grabeh!"
"Urong!? cno may sabi nun? bakit ikaw ba ang presidente ng Pilipinas"
Blah blah blah...

And once there was this irritated girl(well I can't blame her) who tried to stop their nonsense chat sighed,
"Ano ba miss, ang sikip sikip n nga ang ingay ingay nyo pa,"
One of the girl shouted, "Shut up! I'm not talking to you... Better find a friend so my kausap ka!"
Unbelivable... mean... immature... self-centered... b*?@%

I pity this 2 girls its like they have so many insecurities and hang ups in life... I'm so thankful when I reach Ortigas... end of misery...


gray-shell said…
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gray-shell said…
"... this story really sends me to laughing.." =)) hahahaha =))

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