HaPpy tRiP !

I remember one pastor compared “choosing our mate” in “riding public buses”. Hmmm… at first I find it weird and peculiar to associate two completely different activities, but as I continue to listen, it makes more sense to me.

In our country, most of us have tried riding public buses or jeepneys going to work or whatever destination it may be. For those who haven’t tried one, here are some of my personal tips in making your first trip valuable:

First we need to choose a bus that leads to our destination. No matter how nice and how cool one bus is it won’t matter to us unless it would take us to our goal. Waiting for the right bus is cheaper than riding the first bus we see that would take us to a different place. This is also the basic prerequisite in choosing your mate, know your purpose first and make sure that the person you’ll settle with has the same purpose. As one author quoted, love is not just looking in the eyes face to face, it’s more of holding hands side by side and looking in the same direction. I cannot imagine couple going different direction in their married life.

Then we could consider buses that have exceptional reputation in service to their passengers – may it be in the quality of the bus itself or in the service of the bus employees. I think you’ll agree with me if I say choose a companion with noble character and good reputation.

Lastly, we can now take into account the look and feel of the bus we will be riding. Is it pleasing to ride? Will you be comfortable in it? Will it take you faster to your destination? Likewise with our partners, physical attraction also counts. It’s always better to walk down the aisle with a fine-looking young man waiting for us. But remember friends, this would only be true if the first two requirements were already satisfied.
It may require us some patience and waiting for the right person to come into our life but believe me it’s gonna be worth the wait.

Happy trip!


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