Fly Light ...

I remember creating this simple poem while riding in the MRT, sometime August, 2006. Just reminded by it today. As usual its one of the most appalling morning that I experienced in MRT – crowd control, endless pile of people heading towards the entrance, tough push from other passengers as if it’s the last train to ride, a step on your foot by the person beside you, grudges by some pesky passengers, jam-packed commuters inside the train all struggling for some space and air to breathe.

What a dreadful day to start the week, not to mention the bunch of work waiting for you in the office.
With all these cynical-MRT things happening around me… thank God I was able to find my own little space near the window of the next train heading south. And outside the window I saw the different facet of MRT …

Just beneath the clear, blue sky
I can see the clouds fly up high
I can’t help but wonder and be amazed
Of this great creation which now I gazed.

This fluffy, cottony and soft-like thing
Reminds me to stop
And appreciate what this day may bring
Its bright and luminous color
Is impossible to ignore
Brought peace and tranquility to my weary soul.

Gracefully as it vanished above
I remove all the burdens, I kept and had
So in my journey I can travel light
And fly like the clouds, near to my God

--Author: Girlie Mangalo


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