Ironically Funny...

Just listing some of my observations I find strange and funny:

  1. Why do you call it rush hour, when people are inside PUVs havin' nothing to do but to wait dreadfully inside these vehicles that are hardly moving and are all piled up in the streets?
  2. In MRT especially during peak hours, and the train was kinda empty, people rushed and pushed each other carelessly knowing there’s enough space for everyone?
  3. In MRT people prefer to stay near the sliding doors, though center aisle are vacant and knowing it would cause them more trouble and stress staying there?
  4. Why do men drink excessively as if there’s no tomorrow just to blow it out?
  5. Some part of this item can be best said in Tagalog: Before, parents would ask, “Bakit di pa kayo magpakasal para magkaanak na kayo?” Today, parents would ask, “Bakit kayo magpapakasal? Buntis ka na ba?”
More to come…


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