Mommy ni Inday :P

If Inday's text messages are no doubt famous jokes, may it be in cellphone or in comedy bars... Well me and my colleagues have our own encounter of Inday's mom(which I just coined)

Saturday, December 20, 2008 - On our way to a friend's wedding, having her location map as a tool, we managed to get kinda lost(lol) thanks to her high level map where landmarks includes "church," "mall," and "barangay hall" as to what church, mall and barangay hall is that, that's for us to find out... hehehe... Anyways after almost 3 hours of land travel southbound, we reached a not so remote barangay and decided to ask anyone we'll find along the way... Then we saw an old woman carrying her two grand children; clothed in white long sleeves and classic skirt for oldies; with long, wavy hair pony tailed and was heading on our way... Our conversation goes:

Me: Excuse me po, Saan po ung Residencia del Rio Resort?
Old Lady: Ohh, you just follow through and you'll see a platinum sign there. (While we're in shocked, she continued) Okay so you just follow through and you'll see Residencia del Rio in the end...
Me: (Speechless but managed to utter a word, of course I don't want to look doomed in front of my colleagues) Thank you po!

Only then, all 4 of us in the car, we're back in our senses... with this unexpected moment with the old lady we started laughing and making fun of ourselves... hehehe


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