Funny UST scandal virus hits me… :(

Feb 18, “Funny UST scandal” virus attacks… Well believe me it’s not funny… What the virus did was automatically sends the users who I’m chatting with a YM message saying, “Buksan mo ito nakakatawa” with Funny UST scandal.avi.exe attachment. Then changed my YM status to “sino ang may gusto ng scandal… blah blah blah nye nye nye” And the moment the user opens the attachment, he will also experience the same. It was really embarrassing, since all Exist employees can see your new status, how much more if it’s your client who pings you and then the virus hits. So I decided not to use my YM before it spreads.

Unfortunately, Evan a friend of mine, already opened the attachment, and both of us were mucked up. I killed the virus by following this thread:

However, some issues still persists, like after reinstalling YM application, everytime my computer restarts I can’t use my YM anymore, unless I reinstall it again. Finally we killed the virus using the Noob killer, thanks to Agila’s advice. However again, now we cannot see the YM messages that we sent as well as the ones that we are receiving. We can see that the other user is typing a message but we cannot see his message to us. Hmmmm… Im not sure if this was some effect of the registry items that we deleted as we followed the thread above.

Also after installing Kaspersky in my machine, I noticed that it literally hangs all the application… it’s like my machine was in coma. So I disabled all the application that exhausts it. So I could at least use my machine and continue with my testing.

Finally to repair it, we reinstalled the operating system.. After less than an hour of setting up… Whoala it was fixed!

As to how I got the virus, some discussion thread says that it can be passed through USB which was also infected… makes sense… cause after scanning my USB I saw the culprit and now he’s a dead meat!


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