Single and Gay

Where in the world do people get the idea that single peeps are miserable? That you need someone who understands and loves you to make you a complete person… 

Well if getting married is the true essence of life and the secret formula to happiness, I wonder why there are growing numbers of broken families… why there are husbands cheating on their wives and vice versa… why divorce/separation is gradually accepted by our society… And surely there’s a lot I missed to mention - problems that married people exclusively deals with.

One thing I know, it’s not getting married that will make you live happily ever after just like how fairy tales end it…Happiness comes from within… Starts from you and me... You can be happy with or without a partner… It all boils down as to how you appreciate yourself…

So the next time your married friends ask you, “What’s wrong with you, why are you still single?” just throw the question back to him, “What’s wrong with you, why did you marry?” I bet its gonna be worth the try… lol


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