Bata, bata paano ka ginawa?

I can’t hide my delight, whenever I got the chance to observe kids. I don’t know what’s running on their little heads, but they don’t need to speak or throw a joke to entertain me, I already am. Amazingly they already knew one of the greatest lesson in life, adult like us should learn - to live one day at a time.

No regrets on the past, no pressure about the present, no worries for the future. They are basically there just to enjoy, play, laugh and have fun.

They were not afraid to fall and get hurt, maybe that’s why they learn faster than us. 
They were not afraid to get messed and dirty, that’s why they are more creative. 
They don’t hold grudges with their playmates, that’s why they have more friends than enemies. 
They easily forgive, maybe that’s why they are happier than us. 
They laugh out loud, smile often, excited to eat, eager to learn, easy to please and sleeps evenly… 

How I wish we older people can be like kids who takes pleasure in each day that God gave us. Ohh, maybe we will justify ourselves by saying, “Come on! Who would want to be like them, they're just kids who knew nothing about the real life.”  Well, I'd rather be like this “just” kids who understand nothing about life but knows how to appreciate it than to be a “know-it-all” adult who pretends to comprehend everything about life yet remain hollow and discontent.


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