Where are you going?

Success has little to do with speed but much to do with direction. 

Many times in my life I was occupied with the things I thought that would make me great and successful. I want everything in order, I plan most of the time, I set short-term and long-term goals, I give myself deadlines and engage with many organizations and activities. I always thought that smart and active living belongs to those whose schedules are hectic, have many acquaintances, and those who have jam-packed planners. But overtime I came to value that it is not what you accomplish that really matters rather where do these accomplishments lead you. 

You maybe achieving many things right now but in the end you’ll realize that everything you had was meaningless. And you’ll begin to ask yourself, “Is this everything I dreamt of?” or “Am I really happy?” Then soon be eaten up by frustrations and disappointments ... Reason? Simply because we never know where we are heading to. I believe that a person who doesn't know his destination in life is the most miserable human being on earth and someone who will never reach the finish line.

Ask yourself friend, “Where do I really wanna go?“ only then you’ll know the necessary steps to make.


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