Your money is in good hands with ?@%^&**?

One of the record breaking experiences that I had so far... I hate to say this but just in case the management of ?@%^&**? are not aware, your service is a bum.

Yesterday, I came to ?@%^&**? 12pm to make transactions, at that time they are serving client #90 while I got a #28(which means there are 37 clients ahead of me) well not considering this issue, coz I thought the bank will serve me better this time, I still came in and wait for my turn (which i regret i did). Based on my observations - for every 10 minutes they can serve 2 clients (take note there are 4 tellers working or should i say not working). With this stats I figured out I will have to wait for 3 hours and 10 minutes(wheww), but thank God cause after 2 hours of waiting i'm already the lucky client being served.. haha.. well this happen faster because almost 10 clients ahead of me already leaved the bank.. (define faster?!)

If you think this is fair, think again.. waiting for 2 hours just for a less than 2 minute transaction.. big wow... and what did the bank people have to say about this.. #1 Reason, yes we were advised that there are many people (mahaba daw ang pila) but i think that's not the main issue here.. assess why there are many people.. its mainly because the service is sluggish thats why the pile of people accumulates #2 Reason, BIR payment schedule.. come on, is this your first time for this? Certainly not, you've been doing this over and over again, you definitely know of this dilemma but what are your actions to resolve it.. ahh i got it - let your clients wait :|

"You're good in hands with ?@%^&**?"... hmmm lemme rephrase that for a more fitting tagline in terms of their service... "Your money is in good hands with ?@%^&**?, but not YOU."


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